Ilusion vs invation
Ilusion vs invation

Ilusion vs invation

Here are a few things that never made sense in Somaliland

1) The DP World Berbera deal, the way it was rushed through parliament, the military base which we tried to comprehend about how it started, the official story which does not make sense, and the unofficial story ( Houthis) which also does not make sense in strategically military point of view.

2) The P&O Heritage (DP World) deal with Puntland to take over Bosaso port and plausible other ports along Somalia coast.

3) The fact that so many politicians in government are behaving as if they are looting a burning building, moving their money abroad, and trying to make whatever money they can as quickly as possible.

4) The rumour which was circling in political corridors on talks between Somaliland and Somalia in the years coming possible reunion with Somalia, outcome Greater Somalia.

5) Countries in Arabian Peninsula requiting young Somalis on both North and South above 10,000 men. The young newly required with intensive/short combat training, what is the motive? Are they going to be trained for establishing peace in horn of Africa, mercenaries, or maybe protecting the kingdoms or the two holy places. Assume they will send back to homeland, under who is control will they be placed?

6) A conversation circulating among people whether they are commons/ordinary, businessmen, or politicians both in North & South include/amongst elites in both Somalia and Somaliland, who insisted that, whatever happens in the months ahead there will be a united Somalia very soon and talks are almost certainly going to lead in that direction. (based on “conversations taking place behind the scenes”)

7) The revelations of the last few weeks that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are effectively American client states as evidenced by the leaks linking these governments to right wing US think tanks.

All of this is connected. Somaliland is being prepared for invasion.

Connecting the dots

When invading a country it is important to take control of ports and airports, in order to bring in your own military and control the enemy’s supplies. This is classical monover by subjugating another country to your own country influence. The port deals and military bases which have gone along with them are a way of doing this without even firing a shot. These port deals will give DP World control over the ports of Somaliland, Somalia and Puntland, giving them defacto control over the country’s borders. They have already set up a military base in Berbera, and Boasaso will likely follow, providing a Launchpad to attack the country and defend the port from the host Governments.

Key politicians in Somaliland and Somalia may be aware of this, although how many and to what extent is debatable. I doubt it is very many, besides recent UN (SEMG) taking issue of DP World to Security Council.

The UAE is doing this, most likely on behalf of more influential partner, who are going to open the talks between Somaliland and Somalia (and Puntland) in the near future, and will then have the military threat already in place to force Somaliland and Puntland to accept their demands. If the two countries refuse, war will be declared and the military forces already in place at the ports will make short work of the local armed forces (or so the military planners believe)

The question that remains now is how many of our citizens, politicians are aware of the danger we are in and what, if anything, can be done to prevent it. The die is cast!

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