The dajjal, in Islamic eschatology, is commonly translated as “The Antichrist”, this however is incorrect. His full title, Al-Masih a Dajjal, translates as the false or imposter messiah. The implication here being that he is not outwardly the opposite of The Messiah (Jesus AS) but an imposter/parody of Him.

This would mean that The Dajjal will not come with war, destruction and atheism, but will come in the name of peace and (false) religion, a false religion so close to the truth that it will be difficult to differentiate truth from falsehood. It’s important also to notice the Dajjal is one eyed, symbolising that his religion/s contain lack either the exoteric (outward) aspects, or the inward.

For a glimpse into what his religion/s may look like have a look at the new age movement (very popular in the west) and all of the modern spiritualist movements that have recently flowered up which believe in spirituality without religion, as well as their polar opposite, the “Islam” practiced by many out there who oppose anything spiritual and focus completely of the outward (the Wahabbi/Salafi movement). These deviations have been heavily influenced one the one hand by modern occult beliefs (in the case of new age hippy spiritualism) and on the other by modern secular worldviews and philosophies (in the case of salafism and other such movements).

The Dajjal is, in essence, a test of faith, and to recognise and oppose him requires a religious understanding that encompasses both the inward and outward aspects of religion, Both Fiqh and Tassawuf. This is the Islam of the righteous generations and the four madhabs. The Islam of Imam Ghazali, Salahudin Ayubi, Sultan Fatih, and others.

All of those expecting a fire breathing warmonger may be very surprised when he never turns up, and their new spiritual/religious guide ends up leading them to hell.

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