Justin Bieber: Ten Things You May Not Know About The ‘Biebs’

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Justin Bieber: Ten Things You May Not Know About The ‘Biebs’

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. Due to his popularity, just about everyone knows that he was discovered on YouTube, hails from Canada, was signed by Usher, and sells thousands of Justin Bieber tickets to teen age girls. That’s the big stuff; the facts even his detractors know. Of course, Bieber is much more complicated than that. There’s a lot to the 18-year-old pop singer. That’s why Land of Punt compiled a list of the ten things you may not know about Justin Bieber.

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Bieber Is A Beer Drinker
In a recent interview, Biebs admitted that he’s imbibed a beer. Gasp! His admission sent shock waves through the internet never mind the fact that most 18-year olds have had a beer (or much worse). Don’t worry about him tying one on. Bieber has made it abundantly clear that he likes to be in control. The kid has huge trust issues.

Got A Shout Out At Drug Trafficking Trail
In no way is Justin Bieber involved in drug trafficking, but his name was mentioned during the trail of hip hop manager James Rosemond. Rosemond is accused of operating a cocaine trafficking network. During testimony, it was revealed that Rosemond had a “Justin Bieber concert pass.” Apparently between selling drugs, Rosemond liked to hear and see a little teen pop.

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Fan of Metallica
For some reason, Bieber raised eyebrows when he said he was a fan of Metallica. Metallica rocks and everyone should be a fan. Of course, Bieber said he liked the band pre-“The Black Album Days.” That’s such a rock snob answer. Either like Metallica or don’t. There’s no need to qualify it.

Has His Own Fragrance
Bieber has his own women’s perfume. It’s called “Someday.” The scent has done pretty well at the counter and in 2012 it won a FiFi Award. The FiFi awards are the “Oscars” of the perfume industry.

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Has Role In Men in Black III
Bieber had a (small) role in Men in Black III. The pop singer played an alien along with film director Tim Burton, and Lady Gaga. The three are briefly seen on surveillance monitors. Director Barry Sonnenfeld selected Bieber, and the others, because he wanted famous people who would still be famous in a decade.

Bieber is a homeowner. Of course, not just any home but a $6.5 million mansion in Calabasas, California. The home, located on 1.3 acres, has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a swimming pool and a movie theater.

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Indonesia Shm-donesia
During a press conference, Biebs said he recorded one of his new tracks in some “random country.” That “random country” was Indonesia, the fourth most populous nation in the world with the 17th largest economy. Albania, Montenegro, and Canada are “random countries.” The 17,000-plus islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia are not.

Might Perform with Hologram of Elvis
There’s now a technology which allows real-life artists to perform next to holograms of dead artists. At the Coachella Music Festival, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre performed with a hologram of Tupac. Now the geniuses behind the technology want to bring back Elvis and one of the artists they’ve discussed performing with “The King” is the Biebs.

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No Number One Hits
He has two number one studio albums, a number one compilation album, and a number one EP, but Bieber has exactly no number one singles (as of May 21, 2012). His highest charting single is “Boyfriend.” It debuted at number two. He only has one number one single in home country of Canada.

Thinks He Never Made A Bad Song
In order to be a successful performer you need confidence. However, you have to reign in that confidence so it doesn’t turn into cockiness. So where exactly does this Bieber comment fall: “I’ve never made a bad song.” Bieber confessed as much during his now famous interview with GQ.

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