Madonna Begins World Tour May 29

Madonna Begins World Tour May 29

Madonna is transforming her image… again.

This time, her reconstruction has nothing to do with hair color, clothes, or pointed bras. Instead, Madge is softening. She’s becoming a kinder, gentler Madonna.

In a recent interview with Sirius Radio, the Queen of Pop expressed her utter dissatisfaction with people labeling her a “control freak.” She said her creative process is a total collaboration and she needs input from other artists and performers.

This coupled with the fact that her 15-year-old daughter, Lourdes, recorded a song on her latest album, MDNA, and is accompanying her mom on her upcoming world tour (in a non-performing role), reveals that Madonna is no longer the “Material Gil” she was in the 1980s.

Hearing the singer lash out against “control freak” accusations is interesting. Performers like Madonna are constantly selling themselves; they are a product. It’s only natural and logical for them to want to exert as much control as possible. Fans may be turned off by artists with “control freak” tendencies but when your image is your livelihood you have to be protective.

The other interesting aspect of Madonna denying her inner “control freak” is her music has always been dependent on others. In the interview, Madonna claims she’s not like Prince; she can’t go into the studio and write and record an entire album’s worth of songs. While this is partly a result of Madonna’s process it’s also a product of Madonna’s lack of talent. Madonna needs help creating music. She always has and always will (although she needs no help in entertaining and can teach a master’s class on the subject). In other words, Madonna isn’t in full control of making her own music.

At 53-years of age, and being part of a business dominated by young people, Madonna realizes that her days of kicking ass and taking names are over. Now, it’s all about having fun and getting people on the dance floor. Her 12th studio album tries to do just that. Half of MDNA is made up of delectable dance songs. The other half is nothing but catchy pop tunes.

Look at her recent performance during halftime of Super Bowl XLVI. It wasn’t a legend taking a victory lap, but a consummate performer delightfully entertaining 115 million people. Somewhere along the way, Madonna discovered that her greatest talent isn’t reinventing herself, but putting on one hell of a good show. And to do that you can’t be a control freak; you have to collaborate with others.

To hear and see what Land of Punt is talking about, you’ve got to check out Madge’s upcoming World Tour. Her trek begins May 29 in Tel Aviv, Israel and arrives on the shores of America in late August. On the 28th of that month, Madonna will perform in Philadelphia.

Noteworthy stops on her route include a Madonna concert in Boston on Sept. 4, a Madonna gig in Atlantic City on Sept. 15, a Madonna performance in Phoenix on Oct. 16, and a Madonna show in Atlanta on Nov. 17.

Madonna has two show planned for Toronto, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Saint Paul, and Miami.

Her massive world jaunt ends Nov. 20. That’s when Madonna plays the second of back-to-back nights in Miami at the American Airlines Arena.

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