Jimmy Buffett Plots Nine Dates For Early 2012

Jimmy Buffett Plots Nine Dates For Early 2012

In 2012, Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Refer Band continue their “Welcome To Fin Land Tour.” The mayor of Margaritaville has nine dates scheduled for the first three months of the year. But if you want to attend any of Buffett’s upcoming shows you better hurry. Tickets to his concerts are selling faster than a cheeseburger in paradise.

In January, look for Jimmy Buffett in Miami (28th) and Jimmy Buffett in Jacksonville (31st).

Come February, there’s a Jimmy Buffett concert in North Charleston (2nd), a Jimmy Buffett performance in Orlando (4th), a Jimmy Buffett gig in Birmingham (25th), and a Jimmy Buffett show in Tallahassee (28th).

March opens and closes with a trio of Buffet concerts. Jimmy Buffett will be in North Little Rock on the first and then two days later Jimmy Buffett will be in Louisville. Finally, Jimmy Buffett has a show in Tampa on the 30th.

You can’t mention Jimmy Buffett without mentioning Parrot Heads, the colorful nickname for his rabid fans. Once the term “Parrot Heads” popped into the old noggin’ I began to think about all the other cute little appellations running around in fandom. The result of my intense rumination is a list of the top ten nicknames for fans of bands and artists. Keep reading to see exactly where “Parrot Heads” ranks.

Top Ten Nicknames For Diehard Fans Of Bands/Artists

1. Dead Heads
The nickname that started it all. “Dead Head” first appeared in 1971 on the linear notes of the Grateful Dead’s second live album. Oddly enough, the phrase is found in a section that begins “Dead Freaks Unite.” Obviously, that sobriquet didn’t catch on. Dead Heads were widely known for being smelly hippies high on drugs and veggie burritos.

2. Fanilows
Hardcore fans of Barry Manilow call themselves “Fanilows.” That name alone is enough to make you fall in love with Manilow and his music. I was first introduced to the clever nomenclature on Dec. 11, 2003 during an episode of Will & Grace. I’ve been calling myself a “Fanilow” ever since.

3. KISS Army
Kiss Army is the name of the band’s official fan club and the unofficial name for KISS fans all over the world. It’s a super cool term that combines a word that’s a little effeminate with a word that’s extremely masculine. By the way, it was coined in 1975.

4. Phamily/Phans
While “Phamily and “Phans” are great nicknames they don’t quite work well in normal speech. “I’m part of the Phish Phamily.” “I’m a huge Phan of Phish.” A quick aside: “Phan” is also used by fans of the Broadway musical “Phantom of the Opera.” Phish followers are sometimes called “Phish Heads.”

5. Parrot Heads
The term “Parrot Head” was coined by Timothy B. Schmit in 1985—he was once a member of the Coral Reefer Band but left to become a member of Eagles. You’ll sometimes see the term written as one word, “Parrotheads.” What’s even better than “Parrot Head” is what Buffett calls his young fans, “Parakeets.” Parrot Heads don’t buy every Jimmy Buffet ticket but they buy most of them.

6. Little Monsters/Monsters
Fans of Lady Gaga are called “Little Monsters” or just “Monsters.” Her Gaganess began calling her fans “monsters” in the summer of 2009. Conversely, Gaga calls herself “Mother Monster.” That moniker was suggested to her by a fan she met while visiting Chicago.

7. Blue Army
Coined in the same year as “KISS Army,” “Blue Army” refers to fans of Aerosmith. The band from Boston invented the phrase and chose the word “blue” because their fans wore blue jeans and had blue collar jobs. The name of the band’s official fan club is “Aero Force One.”

8. Gleeks
“Gleeks” describe hardcore fans of the popular FOX musical drama, Glee. The word is a portmanteau of the show’s title and the pejorative “geek.” Despite the use of a slur, fans of the show happily and proudly call themselves “Gleeks.”

9. MCRmy
It’s pronounced “M-C-army” and it’s a label used by the devoted fans of the emo band My Chemical Romance. It’s one of those titles you initially mispronounced which gives the nearest member of MCRmy the opportunity to correct you in the snarkiest way possible. I bet that was done on purpose.

10. Maggots
It comes as no surprise that “maggots” is in tenth on a list of nicknames for fan bases. The term is used for supporters of Iowa’s most famous heavy metal band, Slipknot. Judging from some colorful posts on the internet it’s hard to determine if “maggots” is a welcomed epithet or a derogatory remark.

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