Red Hot Chili Peppers: “I’m With You Tour” Launches Jan. 20 In Sunrise, Florida

Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets

Red Hot Chili Peppers: “I’m With You Tour” Launches Jan. 20

The Red Hot Chili Peppers just confirmed five more dates for their upcoming “I’m With You Tour.”

Slowly confirming tour stops has been the band’s modus operandi. Of course their U.S. fans don’t care. They’re riding high on the recent announcement that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not to mention that next year, Chili Pepper concert tickets will be ripped for the first time since 2007 and their “Stadium Acradium Tour.”

The pioneering rock-funk quartet launches the U.S. leg of their world tour Jan. 20 in Sunrise, Florida. The outing wraps March 16 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Highlights of their itinerary, at least for now, include Red Hot Chili Peppers in Orlando, Florida on Jan. 21; Red Hot Chili Peppers in San Antonio, Texas on March 6; and Red Hot Chili Peppers in Dallas, Texas on March 9.

The band just verified stops in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Glendale, and Denver. The Red Hot Chili Peppers show in Los Angeles is scheduled for Feb. 26 at the Staples Center. The Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in San Diego is planned for Feb. 29 at the Valley View Casino Center.

Writing about the Chili Peppers made Land of Punt hungry. Well, as hungry as a Web site can get. It also got us thinking about bands named after food (and only food). Below, is our list of the top ten bands named after victuals. Red Hot Chili Peppers fans will be happy to learn that their band came in second. To find out who came in number one keep reading…

10. Black Eyed Peas
We’ll be honest. We made this list and put the Black Eyed Peas at number ten just to illustrate their awfulness. They can’t even beat out Bread, The Cranberries, or Vanilla Fudge. As bad as BEP are, they know how to sell records. They’re at 31 million and counting.

9. Bread
In the 1970s, Bread charted 13 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Unfortunately, they were all adult contemporary pabulum like “Make It With You,” “If” and “Baby I’m-a Want You.” Sadly, three of the five original members of Bread are no longer with us. They’ve gone to the big AM station in the sky.

8. The Cranberries
The Cranberries are an Irish outfit fronted by Dolores O’Riordan who is married to the former tour manager of a little group called Duran Duran. The Cranberries’ debut album, Everybody Else is Doing, So Why Can’t We?, sold more than five million copies in the United States.

7. Vanilla Fudge
Vanilla Fudge’s first big hit was the 1968 reissue of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” The band’s last big hit was 1968’s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” In 1966, Vanilla Fudge was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. Enough said!

6. Cracker
This may shock you but Cracker has released ten studio albums since breaking on to the scene in 1992 with Kerosene Hat. Their one big hit, from the aforementioned opus, is “Low.” The video for that song featured Sandra Bernhardt. And no, their opening act isn’t Cheese.

5. Cake
Cake is one of those bands you either love or hate. If you like frontman John McCrea’s straightforward vocals (that border on talking) and a lot of trumpet with your alternative rock you’re probably a big Cake fan. We love the name of their second album, Fashion Nugget.

4. Korn
Korn never would have made our list had their kept their original name, L.A.P.D. The heavy metal band from Bakersfield, California released their first album in 1994. Since then Korn has won two Grammy awards and sent two albums to the top of the Billboard 200.

3. The Jam
The Jam was headed by Paul Weller. He’s virtually unknown in the U.S. but a national treasure in the U.K. During their run from 1977 to 1982, The Jam had 18 straight Top 40 singles. Granted, it was the Top 40 in the U.K., but still. Their music was a mix of mod, new wave, and punk.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Red Hot Chili Peppers have gone through a few drummers and guitarists over the years but the band’s two constants have been bassist Flea and frontman Anthony Kiedis. The Peppers released their first studio opus in 1984 and their tenth in 2011. All total, they’ve sold more than 70 million albums.

1. Cream
You can’t go wrong with any band that includes Eric Clapton. You especially can’t go wrong if that band also includes Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Cream only released four albums, all in the 1960s, but their influence is still being felt. They were popular music’s first successful supergroup and their Wheels of Fire album was the first double-LP to be certified platinum.

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