Hugh Jackman Breaking Records On Broadway

Hugh Jackman Breaking Records On Broadway

Hugh Jackman is a throwback.

He’s one of the few modern day stars that could had made it 40, 50, even 60 years ago.

The guy can do it all: sing, dance, act, and sell tickets (either movie or Broadway tickets). His acting made him a household name but his voice is by far his greatest aptitude. He’s best known for playing a gruff superhero (Wolverine) but won a Tony Award for portraying singer-songwriter Peter Allen (The Boy from Oz). Best of all, his immense talents come wrapped in a countenance and physique perfectly designed for a leading man of the stage and screen.

In the 21st century, when performers use computers to sing on tune, and special effects to mask their inability to emote, Jackman is an anachronism. He’s an updated version of the Hollywood stars of old. In other words, he actually has talent.

Over the summer, Jackman delighted audience with his performance in the family-friendly, box office hit, Reel Steel. Currently, the 43-year-old Australian superstar is selling Hugh Jackman Broadway tickets to his 10-week run at the Broadhurst Theatre on the Great White Way.

Called “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway,” the star culls materials from classic musicals like Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls, Carousel, and The Boy From Oz. The show also includes a rousing tribute to the musical The Music Man replete with a rap.

The three-time host of the Tony Awards also laces up the dancing shoes. In fact, there are several numbers showcasing the actor’s hoofing skills. As you would expect, Jackman is a fantastic dancer.

Jackman is backed by an 18-piece orchestra and six dancing show girls. The production includes very few special effects. That was a wise move. Jackman doesn’t need theatre magic to dazzle the audience. All he needs is a microphone and a simple tune.

Be prepared for one or two corny jokes. Jackman has a few groaners sprinkled throughout his program but the actor is so suave and charming that he pulls them off. I love bad jokes so this wouldn’t bother me one iota.

Jackman’s powerhouse of a show is currently one of the hottest tickets in town. It’s right up there with The Book of Mormon tickets and War Horse tickets. It’s breaking box office records at the Broadhurst and is sold out every weekend of its two-and-half-month run.

When you go, make sure you scan the theatre. Many of the reviews I’ve read about Jackman’s “Back on Broadway” mention tons of celebrities in the audience.

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