The Cure: 7 Concerts Planned For London, New York, Los Angeles

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The Cure: Seven Concerts Planned For London, New York, Los Angeles

Talk about a variation on a theme.

It’s certainly nothing new for a band to play an entire album during a concert. The practice has been going on for years now. However, a band playing three albums in their entirety, all on the same stage, during one concert, is quite novel.

This November, The Cure is launching a three-city world tour in which they will play the first three studio albums of their legendary discography live.

Dubbed “Reflections,” the highly anticipated mini-trek begins Nov. 15 in London at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Cure will then rip tickets in Los Angeles during a three-night stand at the Pantages Theatre Nov. 21-23. After that, The Cure tickets will be collected in New York City at the historic Beacon Theatre Nov. 25-27.

For each of the seven concerts The Cure will play albums Three Imaginary Boys (1979), Seventeen Seconds (1980), and Faith (1981) in their entirety (not one per night but ALL THREE DURING THE SAME SHOW). To close the evening, the band will come out for an encore in which they’ll perform hits from every stage of their career. Between albums the band will take a 15-minute break but just a quick five before the encore.

Throughout the evening, legendary frontman Robert Smith, bassist Simon Gallup, and drummer Jason Cooper will be joined by former members Laurence Tolhurst and Roger O’Donnell.

Earlier in 2011, The Cure performed “Reflections” twice at a festival in Sydney, Australia. The forthcoming tour is likely the last time fans will be able to buy The Cure tickets to this unique and memorable experience. According to their Web site, these will be the show’s “final” performances.

The Cure is one of alternative music’s leading pioneers as well as one of Britain’s greatest bands. Their enduring sound is hallmarked by somber instrumentations, melancholy melodies, and superb songwriting. Since breaking onto the music scene in the late 1970s, The Cure has inspired millions of fans, musicians, and songwriters. Their most successful album to date is 1989’s Disintegration. The opus reached number 12 on the Billboard 200 and produced the hit singles “Lovesong,” “Lullaby,” Pictures of You,” and “Fascination Street.”

Three Imaginary Boys
Producer: Chris Perry

Robert Smith’s distaste for the majority of this album inspired him to keep creative control of The Cure’s music to himself. Nonetheless, playing Three Imaginary Boys is a great way for The Cure to start their upcoming string of shows. Americans may have a fonder memory of this opus since their version includes several classic Cure songs like “Jumping Someone Else’s Train,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” and “Killing an Arab.”

Side One
1. “10.15 Saturday Night””
2. “Accuracy”
3. “Grinding Halt”
4. “Another Day”
5. “Object”
6. “Subway Song”

Side Two
1. “Foxy Lady”
2. “Meathook”
3. “So What”
4. “Fire in Cairo”
5. “It’s Not You”
6. “Three Imaginary Boys”
7. “Untitled” (hidden track a.k.a. “The Weedy Burton”)

Seventeen Seconds
Producers: Robert Smith, Mike Hedges

It will take the band around 40 minutes to play Seventeen Seconds. That’s not much longer than it took to record the album. Problems with the purse strings forced Smith and company to bang out this classic LP out in seven very long days. Besides being the first great Cure album, Seventeen Seconds is also the first of the band’s “Dark Trilogy,” the first to feature Simon Gallup, and the only LP made with former member Matthieu Hartley.

Side One
1. “A Reflection”(Instrumental)
2. “Play for Today”
3. “Secrets”
4. “In Your House”
5. “Three”(Mostly instrumental)

Side Two
1. “The Final Sound”(Instrumental)
2. “A Forest”
3. “M”
4. “At Night”
5. “Seventeen Seconds”

Producers: The Cure, Mike Hedges

Faith is vintage Cure. The album contains a song dedicated to former Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, two tracks inspired by the gothic novels of Mervyn Peak, and the soundtrack to a film by Ric Gallup (Simon’s brother). It should be noted that the soundtrack—which is 28 minutes long—was only included on a special “long play cassette.” When The Cure toured in 1981, they screened Ric’s film, “Carnage Visors” (also the name of the song), instead of using the services of an opening band. Legend has it that the film has been lost and only Smith, Gallup and Tolhurst have copies.

Side One
1. “The Holy Hour”
2. “Primary”
3. “Other Voices”
4. “All Cats Are Grey” ‘

Side Two
1. “The Funeral Party”
2. “Doubt”
3. “The Drowning Man”
4. “Faith”

Thanks to Mick Orlosky for the photo.

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