Jeff Dunham Touring North America Through March 2012

Jeff Dunham Touring North America Through March 2012

Jeff Dunham’s forth Comedy Central special aired in late September. As always, it was a resounding success. Dubbed “Controlled Chaos,” it attracted more than eight million viewers in two showings. The DVD of the special dropped two days later and it quickly became one of’s biggest sellers.

That’s not bad for a ventriloquist who has the “cool factor” of a guy wearing shorts, black socks, and sandals at the beach. Ventriloquism is the “polka’ of comedy.

Of course, when your sides ache from laughing too hard, who really cares how Dunham is perceived by verbose critics and pretentious pundits. As everyone who has every bought Jeff Dunham tickets can attest to, the comedian puts on a high-energy show where the jokes come in rapid succession.

All this fall and winter you can see for yourself just how funny Dunham and his dummies can be. The Texas native launched his “Controlled Chaos Tour” in early October and he’s scheduled to be on the road through the first quarter of 2012. Right now, the last show on his docket is set for March 31. On that night, Jeff Dunham will be in Los Angeles for a gig at the Nokia Theatre.

Other stops on his route include Jeff Dunham in Nashville on Nov. 25, Jeff Dunham in Baltimore on Dec. 28, and Jeff Dunham in Atlanta on Jan. 28.

Whether you have Jeff Dunham tickets for his show in Hartford or Jeff Dunham tickets for his performance in Kansas City, you can expect to laugh at all of his riotous and indelible characters. There’s the crotchety old man Walter, the white trash redneck Bubba J, and the inept master of mayhem, Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Dunham may not be edgy or particularly cerebral—and yes he probably would have been a regular on Hee-Haw—but he’s always fun and funny. For the last two years he’s been the top touring comic in the world and for the last three years he’s been the top touring comic in North America.

If you can’t make it out to one of his shows, you can always check out his three other Comedy Central specials, all of which are available on DVD: “Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself” (2006), “Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity” (2007), and “Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special” (2008).

Dunham had his own series on Comedy Central but it was cancelled after one season. It was axed not because of low ratings (the show’s premiere was the highest rated premiere in the history of the network), but because of poor reviews and high production costs.

Apparently, the world just isn’t ready for a ventriloquist to have his own show on basic cable.

Jeff Dunham’s schedule also includes stops in Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Toronto. Jeff Dunham has a pair of shows in Las Vegas planned for early December. The ventriloquist will be at Caesars Palace on Dec. 2 and Dec. 3.

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