Jerry Seinfeld: ‘The Sinatra of Comedy’

Jerry Seinfeld: ‘The Sinatra of Comedy’

It’s not really a full fledged tour, but this summer fans can buy Jerry Seinfeld tickets to a handful of his stand-up shows.

June through August, the undisputed “Chairman of Comedy” is set to perform in a handful of cities including Houston, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas. All of his shows are scheduled for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (it’s good to be the king).

Seinfeld is 57-years-old and has achieved more success than most comics could ever dream of achieving. So are Jerry Seinfeld concerts nothing more than a way for him to make some quick cash? Is he playing big rooms just for the big bucks?

Probably, but that doesn’t mean he’s still not at the top of his game. The former star of television’s Seinfeld recently played the 02 Arena in London. If the reviews are any indication, Seinfeld is doing more than just cashing in on his name and fame; he’s still making people laugh while simultaneously conducting a masterclass in stand-up comedy.

“The gags sometimes seem bland and ordinary, but it’s in the delivery where the master works his craft and Seinfeld may just have one of the best understanding of delivery and timing ever,” wrote Chas Knight on

Meanwhile, Peter Bradshaw of the, reviewed the same show and scribed: “Seinfeld is just a naturally brilliant performer, who only gets better. He is becoming the Sinatra of comedy.”

High praise indeed, but it should be noted that Seinfeld isn’t reinventing himself or comedy (then again either did Sinatra). Seinfeld sticks with his patented brand of observational humor that initially appears to border on the banal before erupting into hilarity. So expect to hear phrases like “What’s the deal…” and “What is it about…”

Even though Seinfeld is at an age when he’s sagacious and mature enough to effectively handle controversial topics, don’t look for him to tackle any hot button issues. His most biting political quip is likely to be: “The Middle East! Are they all crazy because it’s all sand and no beach?”

Then again, that’s the exact type of shtick that attracts fans to Jerry Seinfeld concerts. After all, you didn’t go to a Sinatra show to hear him sing grunge music. You went to hear him sing the standards.

The same thing goes for Seinfeld.

You check out a Jerry Seinfeld show to see an expert comedian at work—a man perfectly at one with his craft. You don’t need him to reinvent the genre of stand-up comedy. All you need is for him to stick to his classic style of joke telling—the one that made him über famous.

Still, you hope he throws in some new observations about the world around us. After all, we all want to hear Seinfeld’s unique perspective; what does he have to say about current events and the latest trends?

Thankfully, Seinfeld gives audiences just that during his latest round of performances. For example, one of Seinfeld’s best new bits concerns Twitter: “Why say a lot of things to a few people, when I can say nothing to everyone?”

While he’ll dabble with subjects like Twitter, terrorists and eBay (“Ebay is people mailing their garbage back and forth”) the bulk of Seinfeld’s material is still the tried true topics of marriage, family, and restaurants.

Seinfeld and Sinatra have something else in common besides a masterful command of their craft. Sometimes they are mistakenly perceived to be bland and ordinary. Of course, they are anything but commonplace. It’s just that they are emulated by so many performers that people forget they’re standard bearers and prototypes for their respective forms of entertainment.

Jerry Seinfeld’s 2011 Itinerary
June 9 – Jerry Seinfeld in Grand Rapids, MI @ Devos Hall
June 10 – Jerry Seinfeld in Madison, WI @ Overture Center for the Arts
June 16 – Jerry Seinfeld in Portland, ME @ Merrill Auditorium
June 23 – Jerry Seinfeld in San Antonio, TX @ Majestic Theatre
June 24 – Jerry Seinfeld in Houston, TX @ Jones Hall for the Performing Arts
July 8-9 – Jerry Seinfeld in Edmonton, AB @ Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
July 14 – Jerry Seinfeld in Albuquerque, NM @ Kiva Auditorium
July 15 – Jerry Seinfeld in Colorado Springs, CO @ Pikes Peak Center
July 22 – Jerry Seinfeld in Cincinnati, OH @ Procter & Gamble Hall
July 23 – Jerry Seinfeld in Indianapolis, IN @ Murat Theatre
Aug. 5-6 – Jerry Seinfeld in Calgary, AB @ Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Aug. 13 – Jerry Seinfeld in Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata Events Center
Aug. 19-20 – Jerry Seinfeld in Las Vegas, NV @ Caesars Palace

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