Ticketmaster Incorrectly Prices Tickets… Again

Ticketmaster Incorrectly Prices Tickets… Again

If Ticketmaster wasn’t so cuddly you’d have to hate them.

Wait! Ticketmaster isn’t cuddly!

For the second time in less than a year, Ticketmaster has experienced a ticket pricing error.

This time, Ticketmaster sold ducats to the U.S. National Men’s Soccer Team for $32.70 when they were supposed to sell them for $76.80.

The tickets in question were for Team USA’s March 29 game against Paraguay at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee.

So the company screwed up tickets to a soccer game. It’s not like they erred for something important like a rock concert or a “How To Buy Penny Stocks” seminar. Nonetheless, this blunder must have affected tens of people.

Now get this: fans that bought tickets for $32.70 must decide if they want to keep the tickets and pay the difference, receive a full refund, or switch to other seats. Yeah that’s right, Ticketmaster’s mistake is not the consumer’s gain.

If fans fail to make a decision by Feb. 4 their tickets are rendered void.

Here’s what one customer said about the incident in an interview with The Tennessean. It most certainly sums up the angst of the people:

“If I quote someone a price on something and they accept the terms and pay me, I’m never entitled to go back and ask for more money. [Ticketmaster] canceled the original agreement, and I don’t have any recourse, according to them.”

In the fall, for one of Kenny Chesney’s music concerts, Ticketmaster accidentally sold $99.50 tickets for $25.


It’s easy to accuse Ticketmaster of malfeasance, they are after all one of the most hated companies in the world, but Land of Punt thinks that’s too easy.

That’s why LOP would bet dollars to doughnuts that these mistakes are actually the fault of the promoter/artist/team.

Think about it, who is more likely to make a mistake on ticket pricing, a company that sells tickets to thousands of events a year or a promoter/artist/team that’s only involved in a few annual events?

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