U2 Taps Reeve Carney For Opening Duties July 30

U2 Taps Reeve Carney For Opening Duties July 30

Sorry, but Land of Punt can’t help but be cynical. The only way this is happening is because the two artists are apart of the same musical, Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

The actor playing Spider-Man on Broadway, and his band, both named Reeve Carney, have been tapped to open for U2 July 30 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada at the Magnetic Hill Music Festival.

Also opening for U2 that night is Arcade Fire.

The show is part of the Irish band’s on-going 360° Tour. The 2010 leg of that world trek were some of the top grossing music concerts of the year.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and not paying attention to the Broadway world, U2’s Bono and The Edge wrote the tunes for Spider-Man the musical.

This opening gig has to be some kind of reward, a way to sweeten the pot. Due to the ominous reputation of the $65 million production, Carney risks his life, career, and self-respect every time he walks the boards as Peter Parker/Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Land of Punt wonders if this isn’t some sort of quid pro quo for staying with the show. Maybe Carney wanted to bolt but the opportunity for his band to open for U2 changed his mind?

Then again, U2 is letting the upstart band open for them in Moncton, a city of 175,000 residents, located in the middle of nowhere. It’s not exactly London’s O2 Arena or New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

Of course, no one has ever even heard of Reeve Carney. They are no where near the stature of the other supporting acts U2 has used over the past couple of years: Jay-Z, Arcade Fire, Muse, Interpol, Lenny Kravitz, The Fray, One Republic, and Florence and The Machine.

Despite LOP’s cynicism, Reeve is ecstatic about the opportunity and he has nothing but good things to say about U2, especially Bono and The Edge. Here’s what he told Broadway.com about the dynamic duo:

“They’re really nice guys. It’s nice to see they’ve been pretty unaffected by all their success. My brother [Carney guitarist Zane Carney] has really learned a lot from them musically.”

Incidentally, Reeve Carney (the band) appears in the musical which is set to open March 15 at the Foxwoods Theatre.

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