Alice Ripley, ‘Next to Normal’ Star, Set To Release Album Of Acoustic Covers

Alice Ripley, ‘Next to Normal’ Star, Set To Release Album Of Acoustic Covers

What do you get the Broadway fan on your shopping list besides Broadway tickets?

How about an Alice Ripley album?

The Broadway superstar has released a solo album (2000’s Everything’s Fine), an album and EP with her band RIPLEY, and two albums were her Side Show co-star Emily Skinner.

Coming in 2011 (so I guess you’ll have to wait until next year to gift it to the Broadway fan on your list), the Tony Award winner and Next to Normal star is set to release her second studio album, a collection of acoustic covers called Daily Practice: Volume 1.

Ripley produced the album along with Kurt Deutsch. The work is intended to be the first in a series of covers albums.

The opus features songs by Sting, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Brown, and R.E.M. A full track listing is listed below.

“I have my own songs that I’ve written, and I’ve had things to say through my songs, but these songs are covers of rock tunes that influenced me at a young age and made me want to sing, made me want to write and basically have kept me alive.”

Her song choices are interesting because most of the them are quite well known. Generally, when an artist of Ripley’s caliber does a cover album there are a couple of songs people have actually heard of and a bunch of obscure songs. The obscure songs are chosen for the sole reason of making the artist seem really hip and cool.

While I applaud Rip for being brave enough to record songs people actually enjoy listening too, I’m a little worried because some of the songs she’s covering are a bit pretentious. Then again, if you heard her acceptance speech after being awarded the 2009 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical than pretentious makes perfect sense.

“It’s a collection of songs that I play every day. I pick up my guitar every day, especially at times where I don’t know where I am or who I am. My guitar reminds me… Reminds me of why I wanted to sing and who I am and what I have to say.”

Currently, the great A.R. is in La La Land reprising her role of Diana and selling Next to Normal tickets at the Ahmanson Theatre. It’s the first stop of the Next To Normal national tour.

To refresh your memory, Ripley has also starred in Side Show, Sunset Boulevard, Les Miserables, and the Rocky Horror Show.

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Daily Practice: Volume 1 Track Listing
1. “Message in a Bottle” – Written by Sting
2. “It’s Too Late” – Written by Carole King & Toni Stern
3. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – Written by Victor Reina, Larry Mullen, Paul David Hewson, Dave Evans & Adam Clayton
4. “You Oughta Know” – Written by Alanis Morissette & Glen Ballard
5. “Essence” – Written by Lucinda Williams
6. “Thunder Road” – Written by Bruce Springsteen
7. “The Flyer” – Written by Nanci Griffith
8. “Take It Easy” – Written by Jackson Browne & Glenn Frey
9. “Everybody Hurts” – Written by William Berry, Peter Buck, Michael Mills & Michael Stipe
10. “Anticipation” – Written by Carly Simon

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