Justin Bieber: Google News Search Results From One Day In September

Justin Bieber: Google News Search Results From One Day In September

What do all these links to Justin Bieber articles mean?

Not much.

Land of Punt just thinks they’re funny. That’s the main reason why we decided to list them.

And by the way, our list isn’t even close to being all inclusive. Our list contains just a fraction of the Bieber stories from the previous two weeks, most are from the preceding 24-hours. The links represent only a smidgen of the electronic content dedicated to the world’s hottest pop star.

LOP is amazed at how much Bieber-related content is generated in a day. It’s simply staggering when you consider Beiber is 16-years-old and a singer with just two albums to his name.

Even more amazing, he’s from Canada. Who would have ever thought so many people would care so much about one Canuck?

Our lists of links excludes duplicates, blogs, and satirical sites. Some of the links below lead to legitimate new stories while some lead to sensational yellow journalism. Some links are strictly aimed at Bieber fans while others exploit his name to attract visitors.

Perhaps you can extract some high affluent screed about his contribution to the cultural zeitgeist. Maybe you can reach some conclusion about the effects of pop culture on electronic media.

We suggest you forget about all that stuff and just read the headlines. They will surely make you chortle.

To read more, perform a Google News search using the term “Justin Bieber.” You’re bound to find hundreds of new headlines just waiting to put a smile on your face.

Justin Bieber, the Movie Star‎
Justin Bieber to Star in a Will Smith Film!‎
Justin Bieber has learned to be a ladies man from Usher
‎Usher Teaching Justin Bieber to be a Ladies’ Man‎
Justin Bieber Silly Bandz at Toys R Us in Chicago
‎Justin Bieber Accidentally Hits Cops With Water Balloons
Justin Bieber and Twitter: America’s New Hot-Button Political Issues
Biebs Wants Lil Wayne!
Justin Bieber ready for rappers
‎Justin Bieber Looks Up To First Lady Michelle Obama
From Justin Bieber to Van Jones‎
Justin Bieber concert the fist paperless event in Regina‎‎
Justin Bieber’s ‘Paperless Ticket Concert’ Riles Toronto Mom
Jasmine V Joins Justin Bieber’s Tour; Scores Custom Skittles Machine‎
Hot Tours: André Rieu, Heart, Justin Bieber‎
‎Akon: Justin Bieber Is My Son
‎Could Lady Gaga follow Justin Bieber with part in ‘CSI’ franchise?‎
Justin Bieber’s hair tops with Edmonton teens
‎Justin Bieber used to slum it in a `small, shabby apartment`
‎Justin Bieber throws water balloons at cops, keeps bangs intact‎
Justin Bieber mentioned 60 times a second on Twitter‎
Justin Bieber Throws Water Balloons At Police, Walks Away A Free Man
‎Chelsea Handler tempts fanatic fans with Bieber Claim!
‎Justin Bieber caught in the act of styling his hair, find out his …
‎Photo of Nick Cannon Imitating Justin Bieber!
‎Delisle girl Jaidyn Solanik to meet Justin Bieber in Saskatoon
‎Bieber-mania reaches a fever pitch at the State Fair
‎Justin Bieber ‘Deserves’ A VMA, Selena Gomez Says
‎Justin Bieber Fans Call MSG Concert ‘Best Show Ever’
Lady Gaga joins Justin Bieber in comic strip legal action
Justin Bieber vs. Jaden Smith: The Dance-Off‎
Justin Bieber Is ‘A Two Face,’ Says Chelsea Handler
‎Kim Kardashian on dating Justin Bieber: ‘It’s disgusting’‎
Justin Bieber: He wants to “stay pure and honour women”
‎Justin Bieber beats Shaquille O’Neal on the basketball court‎
The Bieber is Sick, Postpones NY Concert
‎Kim Kardashian: I ‘Would Date’ Justin Bieber‎
Kim Kardashian: I’m like Bieber’s big sister
‎Justin Bieber and Birth Control, or Why Young Women Prefer Girly …
‎Justin Bieber Vs. Jonas Brothers Hair-Off: ‘Camp Rock 2′ Stars Vote
Snoop Dogg ‘Likes Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Wears Band-Aids on His Fingers ‘Because Michael …
‎Justin Bieber In CSI Lip Sync Scandal!‎
Justin Bieber Guzzles Milk
Teen Gets Cyber-Bullied After Declaring She’s ‘Over’ Justin Bieber
‎‎Justin Bieber Responds to YouTube Haters
‎Justin Bieber tweets about superstardom
‎Usher: I was destined to manage Bieber

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