Green Day, American Idiot Cast Appears On Monday Night Football (VIDEO)

Green Day, American Idiot Cast Appears On Monday Night Football (VIDEO)

Green Day performed with the cast of American Idiot during halftime of the NFL’s first Monday Night Football broadcast of season. The contest featured the New York Jets hosting the Baltimore Ravens.

It was the first nationally televised game at the Jets new home, Meadowsland Stadium.

ESPN host Chris Berman only introduced Green Day but the production was obviously a joint venture between the band and the Broadway cast.

Only 90 seconds of the performance, featuring the song “Last of the American Girls,” made it onto the broadcast. Apparently, ESPN needed all the time they could get to dissect the awful Jets offense.

Berman teased that the entire performance could be seen later that night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Besides Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool, the performance also featured close-ups of Rebecca Naomi Jones (Whatsername), Aspen Vincent (Swing), Christina Sajous (The Extraordinary Girl), and Mary Faber (Heather).

Sajous and Faber are featured in the images posted below.

Of the four actresses previously named, Jones is the only one actually involved in the “Last of the American Girls” number.

Land of Punt thought it was humorous that Berman introduced the band with a reference to their song “When I Come Around,” even though the song wasn’t performed.

The Grammy award-winning American Idiot is currently running at the St. James Theater.

The Ravens won the rain-delayed game, 10-9.

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