The Five Best Television Shows That Never Won An Emmy

The Five Best Television Shows That Never Won An Emmy

With the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards taking place on Sunday, Land of Punt began to ruminate on shows that have never won an Emmy. Eventually, our musings yielded a list of the five best television shows that the Emmys have ignored. And by ignored we mean totally and completely abandoned. If a show won a single Emmy, even if it was for Outstanding Hat Design or Outstanding Performance by a Monkey. then it was disqualified from our list.

One show not included in LOP’s countdown is The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. The show aired for 14 years and never won an Emmy. We left it off because its run ended in 1966. That was such a long time ago that anyone who remembers the show is either dead or too old to have an opinion that matters.
The show most associated with “never won an Emmy” was Murder, She Wrote. The Tiffany Network’s mystery drama aired for 12 years. Every year Angela Lansbury was nominated for an Emmy and every year she lost (0-12). Despite being a ratings getter for a dozen seasons, MSW won just two Emmys, one for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series and another for Outstanding Costume Design for a Series.

Shows that not only didn’t win an Emmy but never even received a nomination: “The Adventures of Superman,” “Baywatch,” “The Brady Bunch,” “Dennis the Menace,” “Drew Carey,” “Gilligan’s Island,” “Gomer Pyle,” “Green Acres,” “The Munsters” and “My Favorite Martian.”

Star Trek
The show was nominated for several Emmys—including Outstanding Dramatic Series (1967, 1968) and Outstanding Supporting Actor (Leonard Nimoy)—but never beamed up a trophy. No one disputes that’s it’s one of the most influential shows of all-time, but what is lost in mounds and mounds of pop culture is the fact that Star Trek was a really good television show.

This awesome show has received just two Emmy nominations—one for Outstanding Stunt Coordination and one for Outstanding Guest Actor in A Drama Series (Charles Durning). How Michael Weatherly has gone seven seasons without a nomination is an abomination and Cote de Pablo should get one for hotness alone. Of course the Emmys stay away from shows like NCIS because it does well in the ratings.

The Wire
The Wire was broadcasted on HBO for five seasons and despite being critically acclaimed never won an Emmy. Land of Punt has never seen the show nor do we have any desire to see it. However, the show comes universally lauded and since it’s never won an Emmy, we decided to put it on the list. LOP just wants you to know that we appreciate things even if we don’t necessarily like them.

Newhart was nominated for 25 Emmy Awards and won exactly zero. How can a show with Bob Newhart, Tom Poston, Julia Duffy and Peter Scolari come up bupkis? “This is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl” should have been worth an Emmy all by itself. And let’s not forget Newhart had the best finale EVER in the history of sitcoms.

Married… With Children
Married… With Children was the first prime time television series to air on the Fox Network. It ran for 11 seasons. There are 262 episodes chronicling the Bundy family. Yes, it was crass and objectionable, but it was also frickin’ hilarious. Despite the lack of Emmy’s, Married… With Children is still the best television show of all-time with an ellipsis in its title.

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