Labor Day Road Trips: 20 Questions

Labor Day Road Trips: 20 Questions

In anticipation of those long Labor Day road trips, Land of Punt has compiled a list of questions passengers can ask one another to whittle away the time.

The 20 questions listed below have no right or wrong answers—unless of course you have diabolically bad taste. Hopefully our queries will spark interesting conversations, create uproarious laughter, and spawn intense debates.

1. What is your favorite movie that doesn’t contain the letters “R” ,”S” or “T” in the title?

2. If you had to pick one non-superhero movie character to be your proxy in a fight what character would you choose?

3. What is your favorite television show whose main character is a woman?

4. Name five popular songs that you’re completely indifferent about.

5. What famous fictional person’s life would you like to see turned into a Broadway musical?

6. If you could be given credit for creating any television show in the history of TV, what television show would you create (this assume you DON’T receive any financial gain)?

7. Name a song that you dislike its verse but enjoy its chorus and a song that you like its verse but dislike its chorus.

8. What’s your favorite looking television show?

9. Name a well-known band (current or otherwise) that you’d like to see in a concert where they perform none of their own music.

10. If you had to watch a movie with the sound off what movie would you watch?

11. What is your favorite riff not played on a guitar?

12. What’s the greatest movie of all-time if you only consider the first ten minutes?

13. Of all the Broadway musicals you’ve never seen which one do you think is best and which one do you think you’ll like the most?

14. What television show has the best opening credit sequence?

15. Name your least favorite song from each of your five favorite artists?

16. What’s your favorite television show whose title contains a person’s first name?

17. You have to make a movie containing five characters from five different movies (movie franchises). What five characters do you choose?

18. You own a broadcast network. Name your Thursday night primetime lineup (8pm to 11pm) choosing from any television show every made.

19. Who are your top five musical solo artists and by solo artists we mean they were never in a famous band.

20. If you could have the effects of one television show, rock artist(s), or movie removed from the consciousness of humanity, what television show, rock artist(s), or movie would you choose?

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