NCIS: Los Angeles Adds Olsen: Coppola To Guest Star

NCIS: Los Angeles Adds Olsen: Coppola To Guest Star

NCIS: Los Angeles is set to return to CBS on Sept. 21 with a new cast member that’s a familiar face.

Eric Christian Olsen has signed on as a series regular. The hunky blond actor plays LAPD undercover detective Marty Deeks and will appear in the show’s two-hour season premiere.

Olsen played Deeks, and did so with aplomb, in two episodes in season one.

“We are thrilled to have Eric join the cast,” said executive producer Shane Brennan. “He has already proved himself to be a great asset and invaluable member of the team, and Eric’s fans will be delighted to see what we have in store for him.”

Also announced, dark-haired beauty Alicia Coppola will guest star sometime in October. She’ll play FBI agent Amy Rand, an expert in kidnapping.

Coppola has previously appeared in both JAG and NCIS.

According to insiders, her character may return later in the season.

NCIS: Los Angeles was one of television’s best new shows in 2009-10. It was also one of the most watched programs finishing the season in ninth place in the ratings.

The show excelled from the very beginning and only got better when it killed off its weakest character in mid-season.

If you haven’t seen NCIS: Los Angeles you must rectify that problem. It’s one television’s best dramas.

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