‘The Expendables’ More Like ‘The Dependables’ At Weekend Box Office

‘The Expendables’ More Like ‘The Dependables’ At Weekend Box Office

The Expendables was the number one movie in America for the second straight weekend.

Granted, Sylvester Stallone’s action masterpiece was the second lowest grossing ($16.5M) number one movie of the year and was 53% off of its opening weekend total, but it was still the number one movie for consecutive weeks.

In ten days, the pro-American, pro-military, good-guy flick has raked in $64.9M.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Land of Punt laughs because The Expendables demonstrates what American audiences are yearning for nowadays and it’s the exact opposite of what Hollywood wants us to enjoy, namely namby-pamby, bleeding heart liberalism.

American audiences, who are currently enduring an awful economy and a nuclear Iran, want manly men fighting unambiguous evil. They want stories that celebrate America not bash it. They want tough and rough not whining and pathetic.

So while audiences flock to see The Expendables they eschewed liberal minded flicks like Eat Pray Love ($12M), The Switch ($8.1M), and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World ($5.03M).

Eat Pray Love is the perfect example of the self-indulgent, have-to-be-happy-all-the-time, over-feminization that’s currently squeezing the masculinity out of our society.

The Switch is a morally depraved farce that validates the dismantling of the family unit as long as it makes someone happy (and by someone we don’t mean the kid).

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is yet another example of how today’s media values vapid, style-over-substance, storytelling rather than its antithesis.

SPVTW abject failure is especially sweet. Its pathetic $21 haul has caused fan boys to suck their thumbs while blaming the viewing public for the movie’s utter lack of success. In their eyes, we’re all too stupid to understand the film’s mis en scene. We are too thick to appreciate something as incredibly intellectual as a Michael Cera vehicle.

Ultimately, people like what they like. And as we can see, the people want more movies with Conservative values—like patriotism, family, and morally—and less movies that celebrate the failed ideas of liberalism.

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