Gorillaz’s First Ever ‘World Tour’ Comes To North America In October

Gorillaz’s First Ever ‘World Tour’ Comes To North America In October

Blame it on Eyjafjallajokull.

Of course we mean Eyjafjallajokull the Icelandic volcano not the Marty Eyjafjallajokull that plays minor league hockey in Poughkeepsie.

Last spring, the Icelandic volcano spewed ash all over the European continent. It inconvenienced thousands of travelers and cost the airline industry millions of Euros, but by far the most serious damage it wreaked was screwing up the Gorillaz’s appearance at the Coachella Music Festival.

“We lost loads of people to the volcano—we didn’t lose them; they couldn’t get on their flight—we were missing Kano and Bashy, Mos Def was in London. The Hypnotic Brass couldn’t get there,” explained Jamie Hewlett.

Hopefully Eyjafjallajokull will cooperate and not affect the Gorillaz upcoming plans to tour North America. The recently announced 17-date excursion across the U.S. and Canada are part of the band’s first ever world tour.

Artists That Have Appeared With Gorillaz in 2010
Bootie Brown
De La Soul
Snoop Dogg
Gruff Rhys
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Mick Jones (of The Clash)
Little Dragon
Mos Def
Lou Reed
Shaun Ryder
Mark E Smith
Paul Simonon (of The Clash)
Bobby Womack

Their North American leg kicks off Oct. 3 in Montreal, Quebec and concludes exactly one month later when the virtual band plays the actual Vancouver, British Columbia on Nov. 3.

Highlights of the band’s itinerary include Boston, Massachusetts on Oct. 6; Chicago, Illinois on Oct. 16; and Los Angeles, California on Oct. 27.

Gorillaz tickets go on sale starting Aug. 8.

After wrapping up in America and Canada, the Gorillaz play 10 more dates in Europe. Among the cities they’ll be visiting in the Old World are Dublin, London, Paris, and Berlin.

In December, the band travels down under for half a dozen concerts in Australia.

Before coming to America and Canada, the Gorillaz will spend September playing a string of dates in the U.K. and Ireland. Recently the band rocked Byblos, Lebanon and the Citadel of Damascus in Syria.

Gorillaz Live Band
Damon Albarn – Vocals
MIke Smith – Keyboards
Cass Browne – Drums
Gabriel Wallace – Drums
Jeff Wotton – Lead Guitar
Paul Simonon – Bass
Mick Jones – Guitar
Jesse Hackett – Sampling

The aforementioned Coachella gig—in front of 70,000 fans all of whom were going ape— wasn’t the only Gorillaz show of the spring it was just the one most affected by Eyjafjallajokull. The band also appeared at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, at Spain’s Benicassim Festival, and they headlined the Glastonbury Festival after Bono’s bad back forced U2 to cancel.

Fans can expect a show similar to one at Coachella. However, expect more human interaction as Damon Albarn complained about the lack of it after playing Glastonbury. Forget about seeing any of the 3-D elements the band used in the past. This time around they’re sticking to their usual 2-D multi-media elements.

The Gorillaz consist of front man Damon Albarn (formerly of Blur) and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl). They created the world’s most successful virtual band in 1998. Albarn sings and creates all the music while Hewlett handles all the visuals.

The band is currently touring to support its third studio album, Plastic Beach. The 16-track opus dropped in March and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200.

Gorillaz Discography
Gorillaz (2001)
G-Sides (2002)
Laika Come Home (2002)
Demon Days (2005)
D-Sides (2007)
Plastic Beach (2010)

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