Criminal Minds: A.J. Cook Exiting, Paget Brewster Part-Time Profiler

Criminal Minds: A.J. Cook Exiting, Paget Brewster Part-Time Profiler

“Creative reasons” usually means “they’re not paying me enough,” but in the case of A.J. Cook leaving Criminal Minds because of “creative reasons” it could actually be because of “creative reasons.”

Land of Punt would still put money on it being about money, but LOP can see why Cook would bolt a very popular show for “creative reasons.”

One, it has to be taxing being in a crime drama where you look like 75% of the victims. Granted it’s fiction, and being on the set for 14 hours a day probably destroys the illusion of terror, but it still must take an emotional toll when the majority of serial killers target people that look more like you than Thomas Gibson.

Also, Cook’s character of Jennifer Jareau is the lamest of all the Criminal Minds characters. Her “super power” is sifting through manilla folders. She’s the Aquaman of the BAU. She’s Rogue without the gray streak in her hair and the jail bait vibe.

Cook probably asked the producers to make “J.J.” a full-fledge profiler but they said it wouldn’t be realistic. Of course, if Hotch can return to work after the death of his ex-wife (which wouldn’t happen in a million years), then anything is possible in the world of Criminal Minds.

Still, the 31-year-old Cook will appear in two episodes this fall to wrap up her character.

“I’ll be doing 2eps to wrap up JJ,” Cook tweeted Friday. “Excited for what’s next and hope you’ll come along! XO.”

As for Paget Brewster, she will appear in 10 of the first 13 episodes that are set to air in the fall. More than likely she’ll appear in seven more after the calendar turns. Now that is definitely a cost-cutting measure.

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