2010 Kia Soul Hamster Advert With Black Sheep

2010 Kia Soul Hamster Advert With Black Sheep

The ad agency responsible for the latest Kia Soul hamster advert is David&Goliath. They also did the other commercials featuring the Kia Soul and hamsters.

The song, “The Choice is Yours,” is provided by Black Sheep, a hip hop duo from Queens, New York.

The clothes, worn by the hamsters, are available at hamstarclothing.com. LOP wants a hat.

This spot makes the next possible progression in the hamster-Kia mythology. It does so in tremendous fine fashion.

In fact, this terrific commercial works on four distinct levels.

Level one: The hamsters are cool and cute at the same time. That’s difficult to do. The little critters simultaneous resemble the mis-en-scene of the inner city while still maintaining a high level of cuddliness.

Level two: The hamsters not only move like humans, but their fingers are highly articulate. That’s quite different from other works featuring anthropomorphism and draws the viewers in.

Level three: The commercial is extremely well layered. There are hamsters walking in the background and appearing on billboards. The detail put into this sixty-second advert is quite impressive.

Level four: The Black Sheep song is a forgotten gem. Land of Punt always wondered why Black Sheep didn’t achieve greater success and notoriety.

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