2010 Tony Awards Ruined By Green Day (VIDEO)

2010 Tony Awards Ruined By Green Day (VIDEO)

Green Day ruined the 2010 Tony Awards.

Land of Punt can see Green Day perform anywhere. LOP, like most people, can only see Broadway performers perform during the Tony Awards.

If LOP wanted to see a crappy fake punk band, we’d watch the Grammys!

The Oakland trio who furnished the music to the Tony nominated American Idiot, finished the semi-rousing opening number by performing a couple of their tunes.

Land of Punt has no idea what songs they performed but does it really matter? They all sound the same anyway.

Green Day’s appearance, which was obviously to skew the show younger, was ridiculous. It was completely unnecessary and extremely out of place.

Later in the show, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong presented an award and he was a total embarrassment. It was obvious that having Green Day in attendance was a bad decision.

Speaking of Green Day, did you see the number from their musical, American Idiot? Doesn’t that show look like nothing more than 90 minutes of actors with black fingernails scowling in anger and banging their head? Land of Punt will pass on seeing that thank you very much.

The Tonys also featured back-to-back performances by Glee’s Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele. While LOP enjoys both performers, there was no reason for them to be at the Tonys, especially when we can see them sing and dance on their own television show.

Meanwhile, there were no performances from The Addams Family and just odd snippets from Promises, Promises and Everyday Rapture. Those are three of Broadway’s most popular new musicals.

Host Sean Hayes, star of Promises, Promises, did a fine job. He was funny when he had to be and the prerequisite GOP-Conservative bashing was kept to a minimum.

He was joined twice by his Promises, Promises co-star, Kristin Chenoweth. The duo was involved in a couple of comedy bits which begged the question: why didn’t she co-host the show?

Highlights of the night were anything related to Memphis, Levi Kreis’ Jerry Lee Lewis, Come Fly Away, and Helen Mirren (still the hottest woman in show biz).

Another bit LOP enjoyed were the stars of the Tony nominated plays summarizing their productions. While we would have preferred to see actual scenes, this was a nice alternative.

The lowlights, besides Green Day, were Catherine Zera-Jones‘ “Send In Clowns,” Angela Lansbury losing, David Hyde Pierce’s complexion, the boring number from La Cage aux Folles, and EVERY SINGLE EXCEPTION SPEECH!

No one spews more sentimental pabulum than Tony Award winners. Their veins must course with saccharin.

Also, we had high hopes for Fela! but after seeing what we saw at the Tonys we were left shrugging our shoulders and saying meh.

However, we wanted Memphis to win and they did. By the way, did you see Jon Bon Jovi? He looked fabulous.

One more thing, what was up with all the technical glitches and confused presenters? Don’t these people do eight live shows a week? Are you telling Land of Punt that they can’t get it together and be mistake free for one three hour show?

The 2009 Tony Awards show was on LOP’s DVR for months. The numbers were watched over and over again. The 2010 Tony Awards show was deleted as soon as our late local news started.

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