Paul McCartney Adds Two Historic Concerts To U.S. ‘Up and Coming’ Tour

Paul McCartney Adds Two Historic Concerts To U.S. ‘Up and Coming’ Tour

Paul McCartney’s Up and Coming Tour has a mission statement. Not many tours have a mission statement but when you’re Paul McCartney you can pretty much do what you want.

The mission statement for the Up and Coming Tour is to visit “new cities he’s never played and familiar markets he’s not visited for a while.”

That was certainly true of his concerts at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California this past March. The Beatles played there in 1964 and 1965. The band released an album commemorating those historic shows in 1977.

Then in April, McCartney played his first ever concert in Puerto Rico at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan.

But those shows have come and gone.

Recently, Macca has announced plans to add two more historic shows to his Up and Coming Tour this summer: a July 10 Paul McCartney concert in San Francisco at AT&T Park, and a July 13 Paul McCartney concert in Salt Lake City at Rio Tinto Stadium.

The last time Paul played San Fran was Aug. 29, 1966 as a member of The Beatles. That concert was The Beatles’ last concert tour appearance (remember The Beatles did perform live on the rooftop of the Apple Building in January of 1969).

That Beatles 1966 concert in San Francisco took place at Candlestick Park. Of the 42,500 tickets available only 25,000 were sold. Ticket prices were between, get ready for this, $4.50 and $6.50 (nowadays that’s barely half of a surcharge).

As for Sir Paul’s show in Utah, well McCartney has never played in the Beehive State. Sure, Utah has a reputation for eschewing things like rock and roll but you’d figure someone who has been in the music business as long as McCartney has would have played there at least once… apparently not.

While McCartney is doling out tour stops with an eye-dropper he’s not skimping on his set list. His shows are nearly-three hours long and he plays songs from every aspect of his career.

There are only a handful of things Paul McCartney hasn’t accomplished during his 50-year career, and performing in the state of Utah is one of them. — Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone Magazine

Now, even Paul McCartney has to deal with the rigors of traveling from Jolly Old England to the New World (unless he’s procured alien technology that allows for instant molecule transportation). In other words, LOP doubts these will be the only two McCartney shows in North America this summer.

Also feeding our conspiracy theory, a reissue of 1974’s Band on the Run is set to drop in August. Seems like a prime occasion to perform the album in its entirety.

Tickets for both the San Francisco and Salt Lake City concerts go on sale May 24.

>>May 27 – Foro Sol, México
>>May 28 – Foro Sol, México
>>June 11 – Isle of Wight, Newport
>>June 12 – RDS, Dublin City, Dublin
>>June 20 – Hampden Park, Glasgow
>>June 26 – Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
>>June 27 – Hyde Park, London
>>July 10 – AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA
>>July 13 – Rio Tinto Stadium, Salt Lake City, UT

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