Betty White Does SNL Favor, Not Other Way Around (VIDEO)

Betty White Does SNL Favor, Not Other Way Around (VIDEO)

The Betty White hosted episode of Saturday Night Live gave the weekly comedy show its highest television audience in 18 months. The show garnered an 8.8 rating up 66 percent from the same night last year.

The 8.8 rating is an ironic number since White is 88-year-olds (actually 88 and a half). Regardless of her age, White handled her demanding hosting duties with aplomb (she was in every sketch and the Weekend Update). Her comedic timing was peerless and her charisma priceless.

There was a few stumbles but considering she was 53 when Saturday Night Live debuted, all is forgiven.

The writers went to the same joke of having an 88-year-old say something vulgar and offensive way too often, but that’s not White’s fault. You can blame that on lazy SNL writers.

She was also assisted by the return of several female cast members. These funny ladies appeared in multiple sketches through out the evening and they really helped make the SNL’s Mother’s Day episode really special.

Many owe White’s SNL appearance to Facebook. The page imploring SNL to hire White was “liked” or “friended” by more than 500,000 users. While that’s a lot of people, it’s about an 18th the size of the television audience that tuned in to see White. Even for a show on NBC half a million people is nothing.

In reality, Facebook had little to do with SNL booking White. The show and the network allowed White to host because they knew she would be successful and help them turn a profit. The measly few people that logged on to Facebook to put their support behind White had no effect.

As White showed, she was completely capable of hosting SNL. She maybe mere “kitsch” to the ultra snarky-cool internet crowd but White is in fact a huge talent. She’s always been funny whether it was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show or the Golden Girls.

They just don’t make them like White anymore. Back in her day you needed talent. It was not like it is now where people are famous for being famous and a lack of shame is more sought after than skill.

In White’s day you needed to be professional, talented, and hard working. Nowadays it helps if your a train wreck.

In the end, it’s not White that should be thanking Facebook and Saturday Night Live. It’s Facebook and Saturday Night Live that should be thanking White. They needed her much more than she needed them.

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