Adam Lambert Launches ‘Glam Nation Tour’ June 4

Adam Lambert Launches ‘Glam Nation Tour’ June 4

Adam Lambert is the cool American Idol finalist.

He’s handsome, fashionable, hip, edgy, stylish, and charismatic.

He has hair like Elvis, he admires David Bowie, and he gave his album a cool, Lady Gaga-like title, For Your Entertainment. Not only that, but he has black fingernails.

Lambert’s upcoming Glam Nation Tour is “theatrical” because that’s the type of thing cool performers do. His concerts will feature cutting-edge costumes and snazzy special effects and–yes, you guessed it–plenty of glam!

“The Glam Nation Tour is going to be very theatrical. People won’t be let down in the glam department; it’ll definitely be something to look at as well as listen to… I hope the audience will be able to escape for a few hours and fall into a world full of glam, drama and excitement” — Adam Lambert

Lambert is pretty much the antithesis of American Idol cheesiness. He’s not just a singer. He’s a performer. He’s an artist. In a word, he’s cool.

That is until you learn that he kicks off his tour June 4 in Wilkes-Barre.


Nothing is inherently wrong with Wilkes-Barre, but unless you’re an Osmond, a Cowsill, or a Bacon you need to start your tour somewhere else.

Think about how it’s going to sound when a radio jockey or a television anchor promotes Lambert’s tour. Without fail they will all say something like, “Adam Lambert kicks off his Glam Nation Tour June 4 in Wilkes-Barre!” or “Get your Adam Lambert tickets for his Glam Nation Tour’s first stop in Wilkes-Barre!”

It just doesn’t paint the picture you’d expect for a performer like Lambert.

Of course, not every tour can begin in the ultra-cool hubs of New York, L.A., or Chicago; but even Dallas, Denver, Seattle, or Secaucus sound better than Wilkes-Barre. Just about every American city sounds cooler than ‘Wilkes-Barre.”

Again, Wilkes-Barre is a fine city, but the sound of its name just doesn’t fit with Lambert’s cool-persona. Wilkes-Barre sounds like a place that sells cheap cigarettes and ceramic figurines, not a place you’d go to see an artiste of Lambert’s ilk.

Wilkes-Barre also doesn’t fit well with his opening acts, fellow American Idol contestant Allison Iraheta and Michael Jackson’s former guitarist Orianthi.

“I am such a fan of Allison’s music and I am so excited for her to perform it live in front of an audience. We have such a great brother-and-sister energy, having shared the stage both on ‘American Idol’ and on the tour [last] summer. She is pure rock and roll.
“I was lucky enough to work with Orianthi on the ‘Sleepwalker’ track on my album. She is a killer guitarist and a great vocalist. I’m so excited to be sharing the stage with her.” — Adam Lambert

Iraheta and Orianthi sound like cool Star Trek characters (the type with extra stuff on the bridge of their noses). Wilkes-Barre sounds like a city that would host a medieval festival or be home to a clown school.

Right now the majority of Lambert’s 19-dates are scheduled for June.

Outside of June, Lambert plays the Midland Theatre in Kansas City on July 15, and the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, California on July 27 and 28.

So far, he has one August date scheduled: Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Aug. 13.

Lambert concludes his Glam Nation Tour Sept. 18 in St. Petersburg, Florida (now that sounds pretty cool).

With the calendar so open in July and August one can only speculate that more dates are coming.

Other highlights of Lambert’s itinerary include a June 18 stop in West Toronto, a June 22 show at the Nokia Theatre in New York, and a June 26 concert in Atlantic City.

Now, he does perform at some places that rival Wilkes-Barre in timbre–Toledo (June 8), Council Bluffs (June 10), and Manhomen, Minnesota (June 11)–but they are further down on the schedule; they don’t lead off the tour. Those stops are not going to get as much attention as Wilkes-Barre which is the first concert of the tour and therefore on the frontline of the promotions battlefield.

This lack of attention to detail is fine when you’re on Idol, but now that Lambert is playing with the big boys, he needs to shape up. He needs to start caring.

As Land of Punt alluded to before, Lambert is supporting his debut album, For Your Entertainment. The 2009 release entered the Billboard 200 at number three.

The second single from that offering, “Whataya Want from Me,” written by Max Martin, Shellback, and Pink, gave Lambert his first top 10 hit.

The album’s third single, “If I Had You,” just recently dropped.

Again, LOP has nothing against Wilkes-Barre–the city is a great place to go for a buffet style dinner or to be called “sweetie” by an old woman you don’t know. We just think Lambert should reroute his tour so it can begin somewhere else, anywhere else. He shouldn’t have to promote his tour by saying, “it starts in Wilkes-Barre.”

That’s a phrase you never want to hear.


June 4 – Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (The FM Kirby Center for the Performing Arts)
June 5 – Sayreville, N.J. (Starland Ballroom)
June 8 – Toledo, Ohio (Omni)
June 10 – Council Bluffs, Ia. (Harrah’s Ballroom)
June 11 – Manhomen, Minn. (Mystic Lake Casino Hotel)
June 14 – Columbus, Ohio (LC Pavillion)
June 15 – Milwaukee, Wis. (Riverside Theater)
June 17 – Hammond, Ind. (The Venue at Horseshoe Casino)
June 18 – Royal Oak, Mich. (Royal Oak Theater)
June 19 – West Toronto, Ontario (Molson Amphitheatre)
June 22 – New York, N.Y. (Nokia Theatre)
June 24 – Mashantucket, Conn. (MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods)
June 26 – Atlantic City, N.J. (Borgata Spa & Resort – Event Center)
July 15 – Kansas City, Mo. (Midland Theatre)
July 27 – Costa Mesa, Calif. (OC Fair – Pacific Amphitheatre)
July 28 – Costa Mesa, Calif. (OC Fair – Pacific Amphitheatre)
Aug. 13 – Bethlehem, Pa. (Musikfest)
Sept. 18 – St. Petersburg, Fla. (Tropicana Field)

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