Larry Gatlin’s Red Eye Song (VIDEO)

Larry Gatlin’s Red Eye Song (VIDEO

After a rather disjointed appearance last week as a Red Eye table guest, Larry Gatlin returned to the show (via a pre-recorded segment) on May 5, 2010. Needless to say, Gatlin returned with vengeance.

The country music legend performed his very own Red Eye Song. Gatlin is the fourth artist to perform a song dedicated to the best 3am gabfest in the history of basic cable.

Gatlin’s song was funny and extremely well written. In terms of overall quality, his ditty must rank as the pinnacle of all the Red Eye Songs. However, Land of Punt deducts points because the song doesn’t reference Red Eye. There’s no mention of Greg Gutfeld, Bill Schulz, Andy Levy, or unicorns.

Previously, Mike Estes, Train, and Andrew W.K. have appeared on the show to sing tribute.

Due to Fox News Channel’s in-depth coverage of the Time Square bomb plot, the Monday edition of Red Eye was preempted. Instead, Tuesday’s show was comprised of segments from Monday as well as newly recorded bits.

Guests on the Monday-Tuesday hybrid were the hilarious Jim Norton, the brillant Ann Coulter, and the absolutely delicious Juliet Huddy.

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Griffons suck.

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Larry Gatlin’s Red Eye Song

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