Andrew W.K.’s Red Eye Song (VIDEO)

Andrew W.K.’s Red Eye Song (VIDEO)

Rocker Andrew W.K. has written and performed his very own Red Eye song.

This is the third Red Eye song to premiere this month. On April 7th, Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Mike Estes started the trend by performing his rollicking version. Then on April 20th, the San Francisco adult contempo band Train rocked the Red Eye studio with their own anthem.

On the Monday edition of Red Eye, Andrew W.K. joined host Greg Gutfeld and sidekick Bill Schulz in a new segment called “Andrew W.K. Party The News, Hard.”

The segment saw Greg reading news stories to Andrew W.K. who then sang about them. Andrew W.K. accompanied himself on the guitar.

The segment needs some work. However, Land of Punt is open to giving it another go as Andrew W.K. is one of our favorite Red Eye regulars.

As the segment ended, Andrew W.K. was asked to perform a Red Eye song that mentioned Greg looks good in jeans and Bill smells like a cadaver.

Sadly, a relatively large chunk of the song was muted. The part of song silenced discussed Andy Levy, his pants, and ladies.

LOP believes that in addition to the muting, there was also a large chunk of the song deleted.

“We’ll fix it in editing.”

Red Eye is everyone’s favorite 3 am gabfest. It airs on Fox News Channel.

Griffons suck!

Click Hear for Audio File of Andrew WK’s Red Eye Song

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