‘Kick-Ass’ Bombs, Hollywood Scratches Its Head

‘Kick-Ass’ Bombs, Hollywood Scratches Its Head

Leave it to Hollywood.

Only that cesspool of human depravity can make a movie like Kick-Ass, an ultra-violent superhero flick that features a swearing, killing 11-year-old, and worse yet Nicholas Cage, and then scratch their heads when it bombs at the box office.

The comic book adaptation was expected to gross $30 million in its opening weekend. Instead it made just under $20 million.

Industry insiders, and those rooting for the movie, believed it would bounce back and have a great second weekend.

It did not.

Its second weekend saw receipts drop 53 percent. It made just $9.5 million.

Many thought word of mouth would help this movie.

It has not.

Obviously there’s an audience for this crap and that’s fine. There’s an audience for just about everything.

There are audiences for pornography. There are audiences for movies about devil worshipping. There are audiences for movies about drug use. There are even audiences for movies featuring Katherine Heigl.

However, those audiences are quite small, much like the audience for Kick-Ass.

So why didn’t Kick-Ass become an overwhelming mainstream success?

The average movie-goer stayed away from Kick-Ass not because they “didn’t get it” or because they are “stupid” or because they don’t like “subversive superhero movies.”

Movie goers avoided Kick-Ass because they don’t want to watch a child participate in ultra violent scenes.

It has nothing to do with whether the movie was bad or good. They just didn’t want to see it.

The majority of American movie goers don’t want to buy what Kick-Ass is selling not now, not ever despite what Jeff Bock, box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations, has to say:

“Even Quentin Tarantino had to build an audience, as ‘Reservoir Dogs’ was certainly not embraced upon release, grossing just $5 million, although it received high critical praise and had a rabid following. Yet, it was the start of a mini-revolution in film, one that had found a new auteur. It takes time to build a new genre of film, but now that Tarantino has a ‘brand,’ his ultra-violent films (‘Pulp Fiction,’ ‘Kill Bill’) are considered socially acceptable entertainment.”

Maybe that’s how things work in your world Jeff, but most Americans don’t live in that world.

Wrong is wrong. Immoral is Immoral. No matter how many movies are made about 11-year-olds killing other people the concept will always be abhorrent.

Only in Hollywood, only to the morally bankrupt licentious leeches that breathe its filthy air, does repetition make something socially acceptable.

Land of Punt will not be spending hard earn money or wasting precious time watching Kick-Ass. LOP believes having an 11-year-old actress, Chloe Moretz, swear though out the film and participate in extremely violent scenes is tantamount to child abuse. Since Land of Punt believes this film exploited a minor, LOP is boycotting the film.

Kick Ass opened on April 16, 2010.

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