Train’s Red Eye Song (VIDEO)

Train’s Red Eye Song (VIDEO)

First it was former Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Mike Estes and now it’s rock band Train. Seemingly everyone is writing a Red Eye song!

On the April 20th episode of Red Eye, host Greg Gutfeld and sidekick Bill Schulz welcomed Patrick Monahan and Jimmy Stafford of the San Francisco adult contempo band, Train.

The duo played two songs during their appearance on everyone’s favorite 3am FNC talk show. They played their smash hit “Hey, Soul Sister” and a song about “Red Eye” (both performances can be seen below).

Monahan and Stafford’s “Red Eye Song” was every bit as good as Estes’ ditty even if the Train couple went the more esoteric route.

The best part about their performance was Monahan’s t-shirt which featured a large image of himself. Both the shirt and Monahan had matching sunglasses.

In between songs, Monahan and Stafford spoke with Greg and Bill. Land of Punt learned that Train is one of the rare bands that increases their likability during interviews.

Generally most rock bands and pop artists hurt their themselves the second they open their mouths. Train’s two frontmen did no such thing.

Monahan also sat at the table for the entire episode taking the Monday spot usually frequented by Jim Norton. The sultry singer was well-spoken, intelligent, and funny. He was a delightful and handsome addition to Fox News Channel’s Red Eye. Hopefully he’ll return soon.

Also on the show were comedian Joe Derosa and the always scrumptious Diana Falzone.

Griffons suck.

Train’s Red Eye Song

Soul Sister

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