Bon Jovi’s The Circle Tour Adds More Dates, Kid Rock (VIDEO)

Bon Jovi’s The Circle Tour Adds More Dates, Kid Rock (VIDEO)

What the top grossing tour in North America?

Well, it’s obviously Bon Jovi’s The Circle Tour. Land of Punt wouldn’t write an article with Bon Jovi in the title and then ask a question that didn’t include them in the answer.

The New Jersey band’s mammoth world tour has an average box office gross of $2,010,829 per city. However, the average ticket price to a Bon Jovi concert is $96.36. That’s the third-highest amount of any tour in the top 20.

The only tours with higher ticket prices belong to Eric Clapton, $100.19, and the insatiable Mariah Carey, $98.81.

With the band practically printing money, it’s no wonder they added more dates and a special opening guest, Kid Rock.

The most notable addition to their itinerary is a fourth show at the new Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The new gig is scheduled for July 9.

Bon Jovi is set to play the very first concerts at the Meadowlands, new home of the NFL’s Giants and Jets, on May 26, 27, and 29.

Kid Rock will open the July 9 Meadowlands show. Train has the honor on May 26. On May 27, Gavin DeGraw opens for the Garden State’s favorite band. And the concert on May 29 is kicked off by OneRepublic.

Other new Bon Jovi dates include a July 21 concert at the Rogers Centre in Toronto and a July 31 Bon Jovi concert at Soldier Field in Chicago.

When it’s all said and done Jon, Richie, Tico, David and Hugh will play 135 shows in 30 countries in a span of about two years.

So far reviews for The Circle Tour are quite favorable. Bon Jovi plays a 26-song, 145-minute set—you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The sound quality is great and the band is as tight as ever.

Jon Bon Jovi still looks and sings great. Richie Sambora can still shred on the guitar. David Bryan’s perm has never looked better and Tico Torres is still the Ticoest.

If there’s a downside to their latest batch of concerts it’s docility. There maturity, wisdom, and mastery of the art form has somewhat neutered the experience.

Or as Mike Daniel of The Dallas Morning News put it, “Bon Jovi has lost its snarl.”

Then again if you saw them in the late 1980’s and expected the exact same show in 2010 you’re either crazy or you’re still rocking the teased hair and the spandex trousers.

Bottom line, snarls come and go but great rock and roll is timeless. Bon Jovi is great rock and roll.

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