Glee On Oprah (VIDEO)

The cast of television’s best musical dramedy, Glee, recently appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“New Directions” began show with a performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” from the episode “The Rhodes Not Taken.”

The Oprah’s audience was quite ridiculous–a bunch of screaming middle-aged harpies and bouncing gay guys. They were really embarrassing, even for Gleeks.

After a commercial break, The Oprah talked with the cast including Matthew Morrison. Besides Morrison, Lea Michele spoke with the Oprah the most.

In the next segment, Jane Lynch was introduced and there was even more talking. Sadly, there was not one question posed to Lynch about her seminal role in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

Nonetheless, the discussion was followed by a vignette of Glee behind-the-scenes. It was rather banal until Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) entered. NPH makes everything better.

In the next segment, Morrison got into a “dance off” with Harry Slum Jr. and lost badly. Slum can really dance.

Another video followed, this time, Morrison, Cory Monteith, and Amber Riley visited Burbank’s John Burroughs High School Show Choir affectionately known as Powerhouse (the show choir that inspired Glee).

By the way, JBHS has five competing show choir. How many did your high school have?

After the fluff piece, Powerhouse rocked The Oprah show with a rather saucy production of Madonna’s “Vogue.”

Is LOP the only quasi-mythological land that thinks the 18th-century, white-wig, big dress, mole-on-lip, French ruling class motif rather licentious? They couldn’t wear more clothes but it just screams soft-core porn naughtiness.

Following the jam, The Oprah gave the JBHS Show Choir a piano and some cash to help them pay for their productions or something–by this time Land of Punt was working on its fifth Hot toddy and not really paying attention.

The Oprah show concluded with the entire cast on stage each holding a pledge they signed not to text and drive. And of course the audience got some sweet swag–Glee on DVD.

Also appearing on The Oprah Show, was Glee creator Ryan Murphy. However, he was in the audience and not invited on stage.

Minus the obnoxious Oprah-bots in the audience, Glee on The Oprah Show was quite enjoyable.


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