Patti Anne Brown Goes On Red Eye, Apologizes For “Chris Matthews” Blunder (VIDEO)

Patti Anne Brown Goes On Red Eye, Apologizes For “Chris Matthews” Blunder (VIDEO)

Is there a worse insult than being called Chris Matthews? Well, besides being called Rachel Maddow?

Thursday, during the Glenn Beck Show, Fox News Channel anchor, the fabulous Patti Anne Brown (also known as Notorious P.A.B.) accidently called venerated newsman Chris Wallace, “Chris Matthews.”

On the Friday edition of cable’s best 3am talk show, Red Eye, TV’s Andy Levy asked PAB about the incident.

Brown claimed she was suffering from a “blinding migraine” and barely knew what she was talking about.

Incidentally, the same can be said about Chris Matthews.

According to Brown, she apologized to Wallace as soon as she could and he graciously accepted.

Obviously PAB knows the difference between Chris Wallace and “Chris Matthews.” She just made a mistake, a very embarrassing mistake that the internet, and the trolls who feast on its entrails, won’t soon forget.

Basically, FNC bashers will use this incident to bash FNC. However, if Chris Matthews was introduced as Chris Wallace on MSNBC, the offending anchor would be fired or at least forced to wear something backless and made out of latex.

PAB should be forgiven as this is not indicative of her enormous talents. She’s a bright, polished, and respectable journalist who just happened to make a silly error.

By the way, the video below references a guffaw made by Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld. That guffaw took place earlier in the show when Gutfeld said the word “c*ck” instead of the word “Coke.”

Also of note, “Notorious P.A.B.” is a spoof of the name “Notorious B.I.G.” The real name of rapper Notorious B.I.G. is Chris Wallace.

One more thing, griffons suck.

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