Tom Hanks To Appear On TV Land For ‘Bosom Buddies’ Reunion

Tom Hanks To Appear On TV Land For ‘Bosom Buddies’ Reunion

Tom Hanks please say it ain’t so.

It appears that Tom Hanks will reunite with fellow Bosom Buddies alumni at the upcoming TV Land Awards. The 1980’s sitcom is being honored on its 30th anniversary.

Anyone know how the TV Land Awards work? How do you give out awards for decades old schlock?

Bosom Buddies aired on ABC for two seasons (37 episodes) and it gave Hanks his start, his big break.

The show used a premise most guys growing up in the big city could relate too: two dudes pretended to be chicks so they could live in a low-cost, all-female hotel.

Scheduled to appear with Hanks are fellow cast members Peter Scholari, Donna Dixon, Thelma Hopkins, and Holland Taylor.

The 8th annual TV Land Awards air April 25. They are hosted by Tim Allen.

Hanks should absolutely not attend this reunion no matter how much he’s indebted, or thinks he’s indebted, to the show. Two-time Academy Award winners do not appear on TV Land, much less basic cable, much less television.

Similarly, Bruce Willie should never do a Moonlighting reunion. Johnny Deep should never do a 21 Jump Street reunion. And George Clooney should never do an ER reunion.

For Hollywood stars, especially stars as big as Hanks, appearing on television ruins their air of superiority. It destroys their carefully crafted facade that they are better than television actors. It shatters the well maintained pretense that they are too good for us television-watching schmucks.

Furthermore, since Hanks is a movie star we pay to see him perform. If he starts showing up on television we might get used to not paying to see him perform. That would be very bad for Hanks, his family, and his agent.

It may not seem right for movie stars to eschew television, but it’s just the nature of things.

In an article Land of Punt perused from, the headline actually gave Bosom Buddies co-star Peter Scolari equal billing with Tom Hanks.

See what we mean?

Hanks is now being pulled down to Scolari’s level, even though the two aren’t even in the same solar system.

If Land of Punt had Hanks ear, we would counsel the actor to stay as far away from the TV Land Awards as humanly possible.

You see it’s all perfectly normal.

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