Red Eye: Mike Baker Meets His Maker Filling In For Andy Levy

Red Eye: Mike Baker Meets His Maker Filling In For Andy Levy

For the Monday, March 29, 2010 edition of Red Eye, former CIA agent and Diligence president Mike Baker filled in for television’s Andy Levy.

Andy was off doing inappropriate things with his cats while shirtless and wearing chaps.

Baker was a fabulous as Red Eye’s resident ombudsman if by fabulous you mean awful.

His appearance was anything but appearancy as it was wrought with superfluous “ah’s,” annoying “uh’s,” and way too much stuttering (please see the video below).

Land of Punt never thought LOP would ever write this, but LOP wants Andy Levy back

Now if you recall, Backer once filled in for host Greg Gutfeld when Greg had to take his house boy to the urologist.

Surprisingly, Baker did “Gutfeld” better than he did “Levy.” Then again, who doesn’t?

Now, if Mike Baker was a video game system we’d play with his joystick all night but we’d prefer he’d appear on cable television’s best 3 am gabfest as a guest ONLY.

Unfortunately, it appears Baker will be filling in for TV’s Andy Levy all week. Hopefully, Andy Levy will get sick of his cats, or his cats will get sick from Andy, and he’ll return as sooner than expected.

Griffons Suck!

By the way, do you like S.E. Cupp without her spectacles? Land of Punt is not sure if LOP does.



For the Tuesday edition of Red Eye, Mike Baker was as good as he was bad the night before. The reason for the huge difference in quality was the fact that Mike Baker did Mike Baker. He did not try to be Andy Levy. Baker did the ombudsmaning his way and it worked. It was one of the greatest turn arounds in television history.

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