How I Met Your Mother Photo Album

How I Met Your Mother Photo Album

How I Met Your Mother’s 18th episode of season five featured a bevy of photographs chronicling the good and bad times of Ted, Marshall, Lilly, Robin and Barney.

The photographs, which almost always featured Marshall with his eyes closed, were quite entertaining and interesting. From a pure production stand point the amount of work that went into creating the images must had been daunting. The hard work the show went through for this episode is quite admirable.

Also worthy of praise is the show’s commitment to continuity. HIMYM brought back two of Ted’s girlfriends Karen played by Laura Prepon and Natalie, played by Anne Dudek.

It’s only appropriate that HIMYM incorporate photography into a story line. After all, the sitcom’s opening title sequence is a montage of still images (snapshots), the first of which is Lilly behind a digital camera.

In the episode, which aired March 23rd, 2010 on CBS, Lilly wants a group picture of her and her four best friends taken at her intimate 32nd birthday party. She becomes upset with Ted after he brings a “dumb skank” to the private gathering.

To express just how disappointed she is in Mosby, Lilly breaks out the photo album.

Meanwhile, Robin learns that the Barnacle doesn’t take a bad picture.

Land of Punt concurs with Lilly about brining “dumb skanks” to an intimate gathering of close friends. As a former member of an assembly of close friends nothing is more detrimental to the group dynamic than an outsider.

LOP also sympathizes with being the odd person out in an important picture such as a wedding photo when the only person you know is your date. There should either be technology available to remove such unwanted people from images or social etiquette should dictate that newcomers can politely remain out of pictures.

The episode, entitled “Say Cheese,” was written by Robia Rashid and directed by Pamela Fryman. It garnered an 8.47 rating making it How I Met Your Mother’s 3rd least watched show of the season.

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