Rules of Engagement Alters Its Opening Credit Sequence (VIDEO)

Rules of Engagement Alters Its Opening Credit Sequence

It has to be the biggest story of this young year. CBS‘ best midseason replacement, Rules of Engagement, has changed its opening credits!!!

In case you didn’t catch Fox News’ wall to wall coverage of the major upheaval, producers of the relationship-exploring sitcom added actor Adhir Kalyan to the show’s opening sequence.

Kalyan plays Russell Dunbar’s assistant, Timmy.

Like his fellow characters, Kalyan appears in the mammoth bed wearing pajamas. We repeat he’s wearing pajamas! The South African born actor is lying on his back with arms akimbo behind his head.

What a remarkable turn of events!

Kalyan appears after Oliver Hudson and Bianca Kaklich but before David Spade. In an obviously rendered image, Kalyan appears in the wide shot featuring the entire cast.

This is the second time television history has been made in 2010. First it was Super Bowl XLIV, which eclipsed the final episode of M*A*S*H as the most watched television program of all-time. Now, Rules of Engagement has changed their opening.

All this and it’s only March.

The following opening credit sequence is taken from the episode that aired March 1st, 2010.

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