Carrie Underwood’s Many Outfits On ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Carrie Underwood appeared on the March 1st, 2010 edition of the hit CBS comedy, How I Met Your Mother (we are using the word “hit” in the broadest possible sense). The episode was the the sixteenth offering of season five. It was titled “Hooked.”

The indelible American Idol winner played “Tiffany,” a pharmaceutical sales representative who had “Ted” on the proverbial hook. She was really into Ted but couldn’t be with him “right now.”

The How I Met Your Mother appearance marked Underwood’s acting debut. Despite having to do most her scenes with the awful Josh Radnor, Underwood acting performance was solid. She lit up the small screen, was quite believable, and looked absolutely adorable, even next to the miniature pig.

Underwood certainly did something right Monday night because the eppy was the highest rated How I Met Your Mother of the season. Perhaps viewers knew that she wasn’t going to sing.

Her role was highlighted by numerous outfit and hair changes. During the show, thanks to a Barney Stintson history lesson, Underwood played a cave-girl, a nurse, and a flight attendant. Land of Punt can’t help but wonder if the plot was plucked from Mike Fisher’s fantasies.

It wasn’t. The episode was written by Kourtney Kang and directed by Pamela Fryman.

While CU and her outfits were awesome, the best part about “Hooked” was “Ted” apologizing for his behavior. Sure, he was only apologizing for his behavior in this particular episode, but LOP closed its eyes and pretended he was apologizing for his behavior throughout the entire series.

Underwood is about to embark on her second headlining tour of North America. The “Play On Tour” is scheduled to kick off March 11th in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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