Red Eye: Bill Schulz is a ‘Boy’ Question Mark (VIDEO)

Red Eye: Bill Schulz is a ‘Boy’ Question Mark

On the February 16th, 2010 edition of Red Eye, sidekick Bill Schulz announced to the world, as well as late night talk show enthusiasts everywhere, that his actual sexuality is “boy?”

To get the full effect of his startling revelation, including the proper voice inflexion and the correct way to shrug one’s shoulders when uttering the unique gender condition, please see the video located below.

Schulz made this announcement after a viewer called him a “lady boy” in an email. Troll-like host Greg Gutfeld postulated that Schulz was not a “lady boy” but in fact a “boy-lady,” the kind that likes to eat worms by a creek.

That was the atmosphere surrounding Schulz when he made his fateful decision to step forward and set the record straight… so to speak.

The best part about his brave and creepy disclosure was the adorable Jill Dobson. As Schulz told Red Eye viewers about a website they could visit for more information about “boys?” Dobson pantomimed a question mark. It was precious.

Just one more thing, griffons suck.

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