Red Eye Celebrates 3rd Anniversary (VIDEO)

Red Eye Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

It’s the best talking panel on the Fox News Channel. It’s the yappy round-table of crapy basic cable. The show is so entertaining, Entertainment Tonight is now called “Red Eye Tonight.”

Yes, I’m writing about Red Eye, Fox’s preeminent 3am talk show. The program that puts the “vuto” into Cavuto celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary Friday night (February 5th, 2010).

Apparently the people in the country of Hawaii honored the show by singing “Jive Talkin’,” the classic song from KISS‘ album Frampton Comes Alive.

To commemorate the occasion, Red Eye aired two montages of past moments. Land of Punt, that’s a website, has combined the two sets of clips into a single set of clips. That single set of clips can be seen below, seen belowers.

The most glaring difference between the show then and the show now, is Andy Levy’s hair. It looks more lesbian than ever.

Host Greg Gutfeld (if he was a story I would give him a happy ending) and sidekick Bill Schulz, (the sequential hermaphrodite), haven’t changed one iota although their schtick has improved slightly (at least on a good night).

Guests for the 3rd anniversary show were funny man Paul Mecurio, blogger babe Mary Katharine-Ham (M-Cat), and the lovely Barret Swatek. Robot Theater also made an appearance. I’ll get the lotion.

Red Eye is an hour long talk show where a panel of guests opine on the news of the day. While the show is generally quite silly it’s also very intelligent. The guests are usually well informed and their opinions are generally cogent.

Staples of Red Eye include the Greg-alogue, The Halftime Report With TV’s Andy Levy, homoeroticism, cute animal videos, Robot Theater, Schulz On The Street, and Messages For Greg.

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