Eagles’ Tour with Fleetwood Mac ‘Not Happening,’ Spring Concerts Instead

Eagles’ Tour with Fleetwood Mac ‘Not Happening,’ Spring Concerts Instead

It appears that Eagles and Fleetwood Mac will not tour in the summer of 2010. Rumors circulated last December that the two super groups would team for a stadium tour of North America. But in a recent interview with Eagles Online Central, Timothy B. Schmit squashed those rumors.

“Well, erm, I just emailed our manager this morning and asked him that question – what we were doing during this summer and I didn’t specifically ask him that but he did, he told me about that and it appears that that is not happening,” Schmit told EOC’s Simon Mayo. “So all these big rumors are just simply rumors. I think that it was being pursued for a while, that was the reality, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.”

While dreams of seeing Eagles and Fleetwood Mac in some hot and uncomfortable arena this summer are crushed, fans of the former (who live in the western United States) still have the spring to look forward too.

Starting April 16 with three Eagles shows in Los Angeles, America’s top rock band and 1998 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will embark on a mini-tour of the west coast of North America. It’s just six cities and nine nine dates.

After L.A., the Eagles visit Phoenix (April 21), Anaheim (April 25), Sacramento (April 27), and San Jose (April 30). They wrap up their month-long jaunt with a pair of shows in Vancouver B.C. on May 9-10.

The band is selling Eagles tickets to support their 2007 release, Long Road Out of Eden. The album, released in October, sold quite well. In fact, it was the top selling album (by a group) of 2007.

The Eagles’ spring sojourn begins with a three night stand at the Hollywood Bowl (April 16, 17, and 20). The band has never played at that historic venue and they haven’t rocked La La Land since 2005.

For those that have lost track of the band, or are suffering from the effects of their golden years, the current lineup of the Eagles is Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Schmit.

In the aforementioned interview, Schmit went on to say that the band will take a break after the upcoming road trip and that break will last until mid-summer or so. He hinted to another tour, possibly in the late summer, and possibly with another band.

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