BREAKING NEWS: Red Eye Has New 4-Person Desk!!! (VIDEO)

BREAKING NEWS: Red Eye Has New 4-Person Desk!!!

Fox News Channel’s pithy late night gabfest, Red Eye, now has a new desk. Not a news desk, but a new desk (actually it’s more like a table). This new “table” now seats four or three human beings and one Bill Schulz.

The desk looks similar to the previous desk only larger. It’s so big that it really makes troll-like host Greg Gutfeld look like a troll.

The table debuted on Red Eye’s February 1st, 2010 show. The new furniture housed, from right to left looking at the television screen, S.E. Cupp, Schulz, Ellis Henican, and Jim Norton.

It’s unclear whether this will eliminate the famous Red Eye “satellite guest.” While the show books guests located in other parts of the world it often seats a fourth guest in the news room and then pretends they are extremely far away.

It’s also murky whether this new four-person desk is boon or a bust, although it did cause at least one production blunder. The table’s premiere show was of very low quality (even for Red Eye) but Land of Punt couldn’t tell if it was caused by the quartet-enabled sitting appliance or the God-awful politics of Ellis Henican.

LOP also wonders whether or not the new four-person table will lead to a panel of five with the fifth guest joining the fray via satellite. We can only hope.

What would be miraculous is if the Red Eye carpenters devised a table with two “leg positions.”

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