Andy Levy Drops F-Bomb On Bill Schulz (VIDEO)

Friday night (January 22nd, 2010) on Fox News Channel’s Red Eye, television’s own Andy Levy dropped the “F-bomb” as he implored sidekick Bill Schulz to shut up.

Levy’s outburst came during the Halftime Report when he was performing his duties as ombudsman. The story in question concerned bible verses imprinted on military rifles.

Schulz was trying to tell Levy the only good time to use bible verses. Levy was having none of it and moved on, ignoring the homeless hermaphrodite. A few moments later, Schulz returned to his bit and that’s when Levy, in a near-rage, unleashed his diabolical language.

TV’s Levy seemed generally upset although Schulz took the saucy chatter in stride (he is used to it). While it was certainly part of the show, Land of Punt believes Levy’s frustration was more fact than fiction. After all, Red Eye’s handsome ombudsman lacks the talent to convincingly act perturbed and he definitely looked perturbed (see video below).

Maybe this is an escalation of the tension (sexual) that has been percolating between Messrs. Levy and Schulz since the Mike Baker-Saran wrap incident of ’09. Maybe Levy’s short fuse can be attributed to problems with his cats. Pixel can be quite a handful.

By the way, the only time it’s appropriate to use a bible verse in public is in lieu of a tip.

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