ABC Picks Up Two New Pilots, NBC Picks Up One

ABC Picks Up Two New Pilots, NBC Picks Up One

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC and NBC have collectively picked up three new pilots. Dramas Off The Map and Body of Evidence are coming to the Alphabet Network while the Peacock is adding a comedy called The Strip.


Off The Map – The medical drama is executive produced by Grey’s Anatomy guru Shonda Rimes. The show follows three docs who are practicing medicine in the tropics.

    LOP: Unless you’re Gilligan’s Island or Lost, having the tropics as your show’s setting usually means a swift cancellation (and Hawaii doesn’t count as the tropics). Land of Punt remembers a doctor show set in the tropics way back in the 1990’s. It was awful.

Body of Evidence – A headstrong neurosurgeon under goes a career change and becomes a headstrong medical examiner. The show’s executive producer Matt Gross calls B.O.E. “a female postmortem House.”

    LOP: It’s almost always a bag sign when a new show is described with a reference to an old show. It’s always a bad sign when the new show is reference as “anything House.”


The Strip – Hilarious hijinks from Reno 911! creators (and stars) Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Lennon plays a former child-actor who now owns a Hooters-like restaurant in a Las Vegas strip mall.

    LOP: It’s exciting to hear about a new show from Lennon and Ben Garant but that excitement fades when the premise is revealed. Even so, Lennon and Garant have built up enough goodwill with Reno to give them a chance with Vegas.


ABC has added two more dramatic pilots, Matadors and True Blue.

Matadors sounds interesting. It concerns two feuding families. One works in the district attorney’s office while the other operates a law firm. The show’s executive producer is former ER scribe Jack Orman.

True Blue is set in San Francisco and involves a group of detectives who assemble to track down a cop killer. Jon Feldman, Chris Brancato, and Bert Salke are executive producers. The show is based on a story by Feldman who wrote for the now defunct Dirty Sexy Money.

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