Human Target: Fox’s New Show A Little Off The Mark (VIDEO)

Human Target: Fox’s New Show A Little Off The Mark

Fox’ new show Human Target debuted last night before the season premiere of 24. While Human Target has some nice elements it has a long way to go before it rivals the tales of Jack Bauer. It also has some work to do before it’s worthy of being part of your weekly television diet.

Human Target stars the handsome Mark Valley as body guard and security specialist Christopher Chance. He protects his clients by literally becoming a human target.

The show also features the great Chi McBride as Winston and the fascinating Jackie Earle Haley as the mysterious Guerrero.

The action scenes in Human Target were terrific and definitely the show’s strong point. Whether or not a weekly television show can rely on movie-quality stunts to carry every episode remains to be seen.

As for what ails HuTa, he’s a rundown of some of the things Land of Punt would like producers to address.

  • Charm Infusion – While Valley looks the part, and can handle the action, he’s not nearly as likable as the aforementioned Bauer or Burn Notice’s Michael Westen. Perhaps that will change over time but right now Valley needs a charm infusion.
  • Quirky Character – Valley, McBride, and Haley all play similar characters and all are quite masculine. The show needs some quirk. It needs someone to soak up the testosterone. HuTa should add a character like Garcia from Criminal Minds or Abby from NCIS.
  • Motivation – Listen, if your job is putting your life on the line for a complete stranger than you’re obviously messed up. The show can dial back the “what’s eating Christopher Chance” stuff in future eppy’s.
Intelligence – Human Target is adapted from a comic book and unfortunately the pilot script felt like it. HuTa doesn’t have to be as intellectual as some pompous Showtime drama, but it should at least aim for a USA Network reading level. The debut episode revolved around an out-of-control bullet train which created some cringe worthy plot points straight out of the early 80s.

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