How I Met Your Mother: 100th Episode’s Musical Number (VIDEO)

How I Met Your Mother: 100th Episode’s Musical Number (VIDEO)

How I Met Your Mother celebrated its 100th episode Monday night with song and dance. Barney Stinson, a.k.a. Neil Patrick Harris, performed the original song “Nothing Suits Me LIke Suit” in a lavish Broadway-style production.

The song was written by HIMYM co-creators and executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. The duo also wrote the show’s theme song which is performed by their band The Solids.

While Harris sang lead, the number featured the other four cast members, 65 dancers, and a 50-peice orchestra.

Harris is no stranger to performing show tunes on CBS. In 2009, he closed out the Tony Awards singing a spoof of West Side Story’s “Tonight.”

“The whole concept of this was to have an on-air 100th episode celebration party and just [go] nuts and have three minutes of unadulterated, joyful fun and … just kind of share our joy and pride in 100 episodes and throw a little party for the fans,” Thomas said.

Also making an appearance in the show’s 100th episode, titled, “Girls vs. Suits,” was the drop-dead gorgeous Stacy Keibler, and Project Runway host, the drop-dead gorgeous Tim Gunn.

“[Gunn] was every bit the wonderful man you think he’s going to be. I want him back in every episode,” Alyson Hannigan said. “I’ve never seen people that happy about a guest star. He was more popular than Britney Spears. That’s saying something.”

Also appearing was former The OC star Rachel Bilson.

Bilson played the roommate of Ted’s future wife. This is the closet the show has come to revealing the “mother’s” identity.” Bays and Thomas admit that she will be revealed… eventually.

“Then it is like the ride’s over in a lot of ways [if we reveal her before the series is over]. We definitely have ideas for stories that could take place after you’ve met the mother,” Thomas said. “[But] in addition to Ted, we’ve got four other very interesting characters and we sort of like the idea of making the show about more than just that one central question.”

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