S.E. Cupp Knows Her Sausage (VIDEO)

It was the cutest thing ever said on broadcast television if by cutest you mean sexy and if by broadcast you mean Fox News Channel.

On the January 4th edition of Red Eye, the hottest thing from the right wing, S.E. Cupp, revealed to the whole world that she “knows her sausage.”

The confession came when she was correcting host Greg Gutfeld and his misrepresentation of sausage packers.

The innuendo was so obvious that Gutfeld and his sidekick, Bill Schulz, riffed on the blurt by riffing how they weren’t riffing.

Cupp’s guffaw was later addressed, with much aplomb, by Andy Levy during the Halftime Report.

The incident reminded us that Cupp has the perfect blend of sophistication and silliness.

Land of Punt also enjoys how she covers her mouth when she laughs. It’s very cute and a very girl thing to do.

Speaking sartorially, while Cupp’s outfit was fabulous LOP does think white washes her out. Land of Punt would much rather see Cupp in bright colors, at the very least pastels. Dramatic hues make her eyes pop.

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