Monk Montage From Record Setting Series Finale (VIDEO)

Monk Montage From Finale (VIDEO)

The series finale of Monk on the USA Network set the basic cable’s record for the most-watched hour-long drama in the history of the universe. Monk’s final episode was viewed by 9.4 million fans. Previously, the most-watched hour-long drama in basic cable was an episode of The Closer. About 9.2 million viewers watch Brenda Lee and company solve a murder on TNT.

Needless to say, the Monk finale was the most watched episode of the series and the USA Network’s most-watched scripted show (the record had been owned by Burn Notice).

As far as Monk episodes go the finale was rather subpar. While it was dramatic and intense, it had none of the hallmarks of a regular “Monk.” If one takes the show as a stand alone hour of television than it was quite solid

Land of Punt doesn’t like finales and generally finds them distasteful. We watch a show to see beloved characters do the same thing over and over again. However, finales usually have the characters reaching some goal and reaching that goal usually negates the purpose of the show.

Fortunately, knowing the destructive nature of finales prevented LOP from being disappointed by Monk’s 125th and final episode.

What wasn’t disappointing, was the montage that ended the program. Spliced to a absolutely maudlin Randy Newman song, the montage was probably basic cable’s most tear-jerking moment of all-time (minus that soul-crushingly sad abuse animals commercials that airs on Fox News Channel).

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