Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck Set To Rock North America

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck Set To Rock North America

Get ready North America because two of the biggest, baddest Rock Gods who ever lived–two of the greatest Guitar Legends there ever was–are descending from Mount Stratocaster to lay down some tasty licks and rip off some delicious jams.

Was that a little over the top?

It might have been. To put it another way, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck are teaming up for a little mini-tour of North America.

Clapton and Beck will rock New York City on Feb. 18. They will of course be playing at the world famous Madison Square Garden. The duo moves on to Toronto for a gig at the Air Canada Center on Feb 21. The next night they play at Montreal’s Bell Center.

These dates are preceded by engagement at London’s O2 Arena. Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck concert tickets are being sold for a pair of shows in London Town on Feb. 13 and 14.

Clapton and Beck teamed up earlier in 2009 for two shows in Japan. The duo had played together before but never had they headlined a major arena concert.

“I’ve always considered Jeff Beck to be one of the finest guitar players around,” said Clapton. “He’s a friend, a great guy, and a truly gifted musician. We had such a fun time in Japan that it seemed natural to play together again.”

While the exact rundown of the concerts has yet to be announced judging from their Tokyo shows each artist will play for about an hour. Then they will combine forces for a half-hour set. The songs Clapton and Beck played together in February included “Outside Woman Blues,” “Brown Bird,” “Wee Baby,” and “Want To Take You Higher.”

These two axe men are both former members of The Yardbirds. Clapton joined the band in October of 1963. He departed in February of 1965 when the band veered away from the blues and moved more towards pop.

Clapton’s replacement was Beck whose perfectionism and manic temperament kept him in the band only until June of 1966.

Incidentally, Beck’s role as lead guitarist was taken over by none other than Jimmy Page. Eventually The Yardbirds turned into The New Yardbirds which eventually turned into a little group by the name of Led Zeppelin.

It’s interesting that Clapton and Beck are teaming up. After all, they are two great guitarists comprising both sides of the same guitar coin.

Rolling Stone magazine named Clapton the #4 and Beck the #14 greatest guitar players of all-time. At that level, the difference between 4 and 14 is negligible. So basically, the two strummers are fairly even in terms of skill. However, to causal fans, and the general rock and roll public, Clapton is a superstar while Beck is a relatively unknown.

Clapton’s iconic career was propelled by a slew of smash hits like the rock anthem “Layla,” and the classic rock radio station favorites “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Cocaine.” He also crossed over with songs palatable for house fraus like “Change the World” and “Tears in Heaven.”

Meanwhile, Beck has no seminal single attributed to his name. His biggest claim to fame is performing with Kelly Clarkson on a 2007 American Idol episode.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy great guitar playing, if you enjoy rock and roll and the blues, it doesn’t get any better than Clapton and Beck.

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