Monk: 12 Things We’ll Miss About The USA Network Show

Monk: 12 Things We’ll Miss About The USA Network Show

Mr. Monk is taking his wipes and going home.

After eight seasons, seven-plus years, and 125 episodes, Monk is coming to an end. The seminal USA Network procedural crime dramedy is scheduled to air its final show Dec. 4.

Since July of 2002 Tony Shalhoub has delighted television fans with his masterful portrayal of the defective detective, Adrian Monk. Thanks to his brilliant performance, Monk has captured numerous awards, garnered record setting ratings, and taught us all a thing or two about good hygiene.

To honor one of our favorite television shows of all-time, Land of Punt has compiled a list of the 12 things we’ll miss most about Monk.

It should be noted that the list focuses on just the small things. What LOP will miss the most about the show is the opportunity to join our buddies Mr. Monk, Natalie Teeger, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, and Lieutenant Randy Disher every week for an hour (42 minutes) to solve some not-too-gruesome or overtly intense murder cases. Our Fridays (and our DVR’s) will never be the same. Monk was a pleasure to watch.

  • Monk’s 312 Phobias – Monk is afraid of just about everything, but never has fear been so funny. Our favorite Monk phobias are lactophobia and aichmophobia. That’s the fear of milk and sharp objects respectively. It was always curious though that dead bodies at crime scenes never really bothered him.

  • Sierra Springs – Mr. Monk only drinks Sierra Springs water. In fact, he’d rather die of thirst than drink anything else (remember his trip to Mexico?). You have to love a man with that kind of conviction. Here’s something Mr. Monk probably already knows, Sierra Springs was first sold in 1950 in the state of California.

  • Wipes – Monk would hold out his hand and without saying a word Natalie or Sharona would hand him a wipe. The germophobic super-sleuth generally wiped up after shaking hands or touching something unsavory like a harmonica. Nothing personal though, he just didn’t want to come in contact with other people’s disgusting germs. With H1N1 going around it’s not a bad idea.

  • Randy Disher Project – Land of Punt had tickets to see RDP open for Dan Fogelberg at Red Rocks but our VW bus broke down. Yes, Randy Disher is the “whitest white guy” in the world, but his song “Don’t Need A Badge” is our own personal anthem. Make sure you check out!

  • “Here’s What Happened…” – It’s Monk’s catch phrase and when you hear those three words you know the solution to the week’s mystery is coming. As the series waned, the show became very creative in how it incorporated the phrase. There are a few times where the “here’s what happened…” was used to spoof the show.

  • “It’s a Jungle out There” by Randy Newman – Hard to believe people complained when the show starting using Newman’s composition as its theme song back in season two. LOP finds it hard to imagine Monk having a different theme. Newman’s ditty is the perfect blend of folly and fear, just like Adrian. Besides, it’s nice that Monk has an actual theme song. Nowadays, most shows have a theme stinger.

  • Captain Stottlemeyer’s Moustache – If Leland shaved the ‘stache he would look 15 years younger and lose all similarities to a 19th century Russian immigrant, but he wouldn’t be same old cuddly homicide captain. LOP thinks his lip worm goes well with his raspy voice and rugged Bay Area physique. Certainly the ‘stache is responsible for wooing T.K. Jensen into marriage.

  • Natalie Teeger’s Cars – How can Natalie afford to drive so many cars on the $900 a week salary she gets from Mr. Monk? Then again, she is part of the family that owns the third largest toothpaste manufacturer in the world. Here’s just some of the cars Natalie has had: Nissan Quest, Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2007 Ford Escape, Buick Lucerne, Audi A3, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai Genesis.

  • Ambrose Monk – Model after Sherlock Holmes’ smarter brother Mycroft, Ambrose first appeared in the season 2 episode, “Mr. Monk and the Three Pies.” Ambrose showed up in just three more episodes but apart from Trudy no character has done more to explained Adrian Monk than his agoraphobic brother. In fact, Ambrose is so memorable even mentioning his name is like having him appear in an episode.

  • San Francisco – Yes, we know that San Francisco isn’t going anywhere once Monk is off the air but it will no longer be the backdrop to one of our favorite television shows. If you think about it, the City by The Bay is the perfect setting for our favorite OCD suffer. Los Angeles is too hot, New York is too urban, and any city in the Midwest is just too darn cold in the winter.

  • Mr. Monk’s Wardrobe – Or should we say, his lack thereof? Mr. Monk wears the same thing every day (minus some slight variations). While that may sound like a drag think of the all the time he saved not having to decide what to wear. Besides, LOP always thought the muted earth tones and sensible textures made his eyes pop. We especially like his robe.

  • Honorable Mentions – LOP can’t really say we’ll miss Sharona Fleming or Dr. Charles Kroger since we are already missing them. Sharona left for New Jersey in the middle of season three to remarry her ex-husband Trevor Howe. Dr. Kroger died in between seasons six and seven. He was replaced by Dr. Neven Bell (“Neven” is a palindrome, Mr. Monk).


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